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PJSC “Kremenchug plant of road machines”

Рroduction, delivery of asphalt mixing plants and spare parts


History of creation and development

The history of plant begins since 1870 when the first output - horse drives, threshers, straw cutters and spare parts to them were made. It was the first enterprise in the Poltava province for agricultural cars production, also filling orders for the railways (through the city there passed the Harkovskaya-Kremenchugsky and Elisavetgradskaya-Kremenchugsky railways). Products of plant of Bautz (the first owner) were in great demand, the owner received big profits annually.

1994 - year of privatization of the enterprise. In May this year on the basis of the decree of the Ukrainian state property fund the City Council registered plant as JSC “Kremenchug plant of road machines” - the enterprise with a private property. Deliveries of the asphalt-mixing plants DS-168, DS-185 and KDM-201 for construction of the international transport corridor which passes on the territory of Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania were the breakthrough into Eastern Europe.

2006 was the year of further going up. Active advertising and image work, creation of new models of asphalt-mixing plants promoted increase in number of orders from consumers. 58 plants were introduced during this year. Volume of production was increased by 13 %. In 2006 new advanced asphalt-mixing plants KDM-20163 and KDM-20167 were offered for customers, the first plant DS-1853M of the increased assembly readiness was made. Forty one plants from 58 outputted are completed with a microprocessor control system, nineteen with bag filters that guarantees high ecological safety. During only four years (from 2002 to 2006) it is made and sold 237 asphalt-mixing and ground-mixing plants.

2006 became anniversary for the most popular consumer goods with brand "Kredmash" – the sealing machines applied in conservation of products. Its six-million copies were outputted. Our sealing machines are on successful sale not only in the Ukrainian market. It is bought in large quantities by Azerbaijan, Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan. In 2010 thanks to a great demand, production of these goods increased to 75 thousand per month.

Success of 2006 was realized in the awards received by the enterprise: «Leader of the National business rating», «Leader of branch», «The best employer of year» and others. In 2006 JSC Kredmash confirmed the certificate of conformity to the international ISO 9001:2000 standard and received the certificate from the world expert of certification – SGS Groups of companies.

2007 can be considered as one of successful years of the last decade. Demand for road equipment of brand "Kredmash" increased steadily. The backlog was filled on half year forward. For this year enterprise sent to consumers 93 plants, including 25 asphalt-mixing plants of new KDM-201 series. New models of asphalt-mixing plants appeared on the market, they were DS-16867, KDM-20137M, KDM-2017. Demand for plants of the increased assembly readiness rose in seven times for some years. In 2007 the record number of asphalt-mixing plants modifications – 24 (twice more than last years) were outputted. While manufacturing new samples of equipment qualitative accessories of leading foreign firms started to be used. The general investments into improvement of production were calculated as 14,5 million UAH. The profit received in 2007, allowed to increase compensation fund by 55,7 %.

In 2007 year all main models of outputted asphalt-mixing plants such as DS-168, DS-185 and KDM-201 were awarded with title «The best domestic goods». Our enterprise received status „The best manufacturer of the goods in Ukraine”. In honor of the anniversary (70 years) of Poltava region JSC Kredmash was awarded with the Certificate of honor from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

2008 year was met by the staff of enterprise with great expectations, however it became the beginning of crisis and crossed out many plans. And nevertheless successful work in the first half of the year, till crisis autumn, allowed receiving worthy general result of year. Growth of volume of production was 15,6 %, goods were outputted with value 380 million UAH. The plan of production and sales was executed by 100 %, 102 asphalt-mixing plants – record quantity for all modern history were made. A new sample of asphalt-mixing plant – DS-1683M of the increased assembly readiness was presented. For the reached success the enterprise was decorated with «The leader of economy of Ukraine» and «The exporter of year».

In 2009 and 2010 JSC Kredmash made huge efforts for crisis overcoming and return to stable work. Despite difficulties, enterprise works without stops, workers receive salary on time. In 2009 26 plants were outputted, thirty were sold for eight months of the 2010 year. Volumes of realization was increased by 39,7 %. Goods are sold with value 141221,2 thousand UAH. 76,3 % of products are put for export.

2010 is special in history of the development of the Kremenchug plant of road machines. He is 140 years old. The staff is adjusted for stable work and strengthening of the positions in the market of road equipment. The main customer of asphalt-mixing plants is the Russian Federation, it buys plants for reconstruction of road highways within preparation for the Winter Olympic Games of 2014. More than ten asphalt-mixing plants are delivered recently to the Southern Federal district.

The high competition at sales market forces specialists of plant to work over the new, advanced samples of equipment according to the highest international standards. Soon new modifications of all plants models (DS-168, DS-185 and KDM-201) will be offered for road builders: with five-fractional system of screening and adjustable system of dispensing of stone materials; the ground-mixing and asphalt-mixing plants of increased productivity, level of control automation, with advanced and new units. The plant received order for manufacturing of vehicles from the defense complex of Ukraine.

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