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PJSC “Kremenchug plant of road machines”

Рroduction, delivery of asphalt mixing plants and spare parts


Spare part

This section lists the spare parts that are in great demand. Absence in the list of spare parts necessary for you does not mean they lack in our warehouse. You can send the request of availability and spare parts price by E-mail right now, you can call the telephone number listed in the contact section or you can contact our regional dealers who have spare parts available in stock now. If prompted, specify your location to calculate the delivery cost.

Feeder unit

Intended for preliminary batching of initial materials (crushed stone, sand) in accordance with a given recipe and for supplying them to the inclined conveyor belt. Feeder unit consists of blocks with established belt feeders and conveyors.

Raw materials are discharged into tanks equipped with vibratory feeder and sieve to catch oversized fractions. Vibrators located on the sieves and side walls of the tanks prevent materials from getting stuck. Conveyor belt is equipped with safety system. Tanks are made with capacity of 8 and 16 m3.

Switching to a different recipe of the asphalt mix can be made online without shutting down the plant. Application of frequency converters allows to change the performance of the belt feeders from the operator’s cab remotely. Herewith all parameters of the belt feeders are adjusted automatically.



Dryer unit

Intended for heating and drying of  stone materials to the state which provides the mixture preparation. The Dryer unit consists of dryer drum, heating unit, dust filtering system.

The use of frequency converter in the drying drum control allows to start it smoothly, change rotation speed and adjust optimal temperature. Thermal insulation inside the drum reduces heat dissipation and improves efficiency. Exterior of the drum may be lined with polished stainless steel. Construction of interior provides efficient heating of materials and minimum fuel consumption. Dryer can also be used with damp raw materials. Plant operates on natural gas or liquid fuel (black oil M100), full combustion is achieved by thorough heating of the oil inside the tank and fast heater, use of high-capacity smoke exhauster, modern burners and automatic temperature/rarefication level adjustment inside the combustion space. Switching between the fuel types can be done in short time.



Combined dust filtering system

Consists of:

* Pre-cleaning stage, including a direct-flow cyclone-dust collector; designed to capture the coarse dust

* The second stage of cleaning (block cyclones);

* The third stage of cleaning (wet gas cleaning).

The third stage consists of scrubber "Venturi", drip tray and water supply system.



Bag filter unit

It is foreseen dust filtering system to protect the environment from pollution in the process of mixing plants. Bag filter can be supplied or three-stage combined dust filtering system can be installed at customer's request.



Furnace unit

Furnace unit is intended for fuel burning to obtain high temperature gas environment in the drying drum. The burner control is performed by output parameters – the temperature of stone materials and waste gases. Temperature control in the drying drum is carried out remotely from the control cab by changing the heat productivity.




Is used for sorting and batching of heated sand and macadam, batching of bitumen, mineral powder and dust, preparing asphalt-concrete mix and its dispatch into ready-mix unit or directly into trucks.

The unit is a tower consisting of blocks located in accordance with technological process of mixture preparation:

-         Screen block

-         Upper block including the bin of hot sorted stone materials and the bin with compartments for mineral powder and dust

-         Middle block with weigh batchers on the strain gauges (including sensor of  bitumen level) and mixer

-         Bin for surplus and oversized materials

The hot bin is equipped with sensors of high/low levels of stone materials, mineral powder and dust. There are sensors of temperature control in the compartment of stone materials and before the bitumen batcher. There is possibility to work passing the screen through the channel “by-pass”.

The are strain gauges of stone materials, mineral powder and dust in the construction. There is an infra-red sensor of temperature control at the place of asphalt discharge.

Pneumatic of CAMOZZI allowed to increase safety work of asphalt-mixing plant.



Mineral powder unit

The mineral powder unit is used for receiving, temporary storing and delivering the mineral powder to the receiving device of mixer mineral powder elevator. Bins are available in volumes of 23 m3, 32,5 m3, 45 m3, 60 m3. The equipment for mineral powder production has batcher on strain gauges, aeration system, level sensors system.



Dust unit

Collects dust caught by dust filters and feeds it via elevator to the mixer. If necessary, dust can be dispatched via loading auger into trucks.

Mineral powder and dust bins are equipped with high and low level sensors. Continuous sensors can be installed as well. Aeration system at the bottom of each bin prevents loose material from choking-up.



Ready mix unit

Is used for temporary storage and dispatch of prepared asphalt mix into motor transport. Asphalt temperature remains constant for a long time due to the thermal insulation of the hoppers. Side walls and gates are heated with electrical heaters. Skip hoist of the unit is designed to start and to stop smoothly.

Ready mix unit consists of collecting bins, holding bin for ill-conditioned materials dumping, platform, skip, winch, emergency stopping system of the skip.



Bitumen equipment

The heater is designed to heat the bitumen and bitumen coolant up to operating temperature and feed it into the dispenser of mixer. It consists of a tank (V = 30 m3.), furnace unit, fuel tank, electrical equipment. The equipment is mounted on a common frame.



Operator’s cab

The control unit is divided into two zones: operator’s cab and technical equipment area. Dashboard and control electronics are located in the cab. Safety and starting equipment is located in technical equipment area. Both are equipped with air-conditioning system.



Pneumatic system

Designed to supply compressed air to the cylinders of plant units. Pneumatic system consists of a pneumatic compressor, valves, gauges, hoses, air ducts.

The appropriate pneumatic fittings are used for pneumatic system assembling, which you can also buy at our plant. Information about the availability of a particular model of fittings you can get from our experts.



Heat-transfer fluid heater

The heat-transfer fluid heater heats the fluid (oil) to operating temperature and transfers it to the equipment, which requires heating (coils of bitumen/ oil tanks, bitumen pipelines, etc.).

The unit consists of:

  1. Waste tank with pumping unit
  2. Expansion tank, platforms and stairs
  3. Cabinets with measuring instruments
  4. Vertical coil
  5. Foundation – portal for installation of the coil block with burner
  6. Control box with electrical equipment
  7. Fuel tank



Cellulose agent unit

The design of cellulose agent unit provides receiving, batching and delivering the granular cellulose agents such as VIATOP, CENICEL and similar to them with bulk density 500 ± 50 kg/m3. The unit includes all necessary equipment allowing to reequip the asphalt-mixing plant in a short  time (1-2 days) and to begin production of macadam and mastic mixes.



Bitumen modification unit

Bitumen modification units are used for preparation of modified bitumen with dispersed, powder and liquid additives as part of asphalt-mixing or bitumen plant. It can be delivered the bitumen-mixing equipment.



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