Heat generator DS-168 86.07.000 is designed to heat thermal oil by electric heaters to operating temperature and supply it through a pumping unit to equipment that requires heating (bitumen pipelines, bitumen taps, pumps, fuel tanks, etc.)

Thermal insulation of oil pipelines is provided by the Customer.

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Main technical characteristics of DS-168 86.07.000 in-line oil heater

 Product name   Value (nominal) 
 Thermal power, kW  30
 Heat carrier heating method   electric heaters 
 Maximum heat carrier temperature, К (°C)   453 (180)
  Heat carrier:
 - type
 - brand
 thermal oil
 Quantity of heating elements, pcs.  15

 Heating agent circulation pumping unit:

 - pump type 

 - productivity, m3/h

 - pressure (maximum), bar

 - rotation speed, rpm 

 - power consumption, kW 

 - engine power, kW







 Weight, kg   600
 Overall dimensions, m  1.76 х 1.07 х 1.26 

 Electric current characteristics:

 - type

 - voltage, V 

 - frequency, Hz


400 ± 10%

50 ± 1% 


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