Boilers KS-T are modern boilers of upper combustion for heating of individual residential premises and communal buildings equipped with water heating system, with natural or forced circulation in the open or closed heating system. They are used for premises heating from 100 to 200 m2.

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Specification  КS-Т-16
Heat power ( kW±10%) 16
Heated area, up to (m2) 120
Efficiency at operation on anthracite, minimum (%)  77,6
Water temperature, maximum (°С) 95
Overall dimensions, L x W x H (mm)  660х540х980
Weight (kg) 144±10
Working pressure of water, maximum (MPa) 0,1
Boiler negative pressure rarefaction, maximum (Pa) 25
Duration of the operating cycle atanthracite combustion, minimum (h) 8
Temperature of combustion products at boiler exit, minimum  (°С) 140
Hydraulic resistance of water, maximum (Pa) 400
Volume of furnace (dm3) 36


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