PrJSC “Kredmash” offers a comprehensive solution for the modernization of the asphalt mixing plants DS-185 and DS-158 - the transfer of these AMP from 4 to 5 fractions.

To do this, you need to purchase the following set of equipment - Sorting unit DS-1853 43.00.000-Ch.

For the shipment of equipment you need 1 euro truck, the delivery time is from January 2020.

This equipment includes:

  • 5 fractional installation of the screening unit (part of the hot bunker and the screening itself);
  • middle block for 5 compartments (hot hopper with a block of gates);
  • platforms, railings and stairs;
  • additional trays of oversized and surplus;
  • casing of the elevator of hot materials with a part of the working body to the height of the casing;
  • part of the dust pipe.


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 Name of indicator  Value
 Type  Vibrational, self-balancing type
 Type of screens  Woven, with tension compensators
 The number of fractions  5
 Sizes of fractions   0…5, 5…10, 10…15, 15…20, 20…40
 Power of vibrators  2 х 2,2 kW


Hot Stone Material Hopper

 Name of indicator   Value
 Total capacity, m3 (t)  12 (19,2t)
 Capacity in compartments, m3 (t)  0…5 – 4,5m3(7,2t); 20…40 – 1,5m3(2,4t)
 Bulk weight of stone materials, t / m3  5…10, 10…15, 15…20  – 2м3(3,2т) 


Additional Information

The screen is equipped with two Italian-made motorized vibrators with a V-shaped spring arrangement, which reduces the vibration of the mixing tower.

Easy access to sieves and ease of replacing them reduce maintenance time.

The valve block has stabilizing funnels to increase the stability of the material outflow.

All slide bearings of the valve block are replaced by rolling bearings.

Also, the oversize and surplus bunker is stored in the equipment.

To carry out the modernization, it is enough to replace two blocks: the screening unit and the middle unit.

Installation or works on chief-installation is carried out under a separate contract by qualified personnel of PrJSC "Kredmas".

Also, the customer needs to modify the microprocessor control system (MCS) software for 5 fractions. Finishing of MCS is carried out under a separate contract.

Detailed installation recommendations are issued to the client for the specific serial number of his asphalt mixing plant, taking into account its design and completeness.

In general, the replacement of old units with our set of equipment will be carried out without significant modifications.


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