"Automobile Roads" Journal, February, 2012

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When a Russian road builder is asked to name his favourite asphalt concrete plant, you almost always hear “Kredmash”. And this is no coincidence. After all, since the times of the Soviet Union, the company has not appeared in Russia that can replace Kredmash either in terms of production volumes or in terms of the quality of produced AMP. And in terms of price-quality ratio, numerous suppliers from Europe and Asia cannot be compared with Ukrainian machine builders. Our conversation with Nikolai Morgun, Deputy Head of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Sales of the Public Joint-Stock company “Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines” (PJSC “Kredmash”) was devoted to the tasks facing Ukrainian machine builders at the beginning of the year.

— Nikolay Danilovich, for many years more than half of AMP supplied to Russia are produced by PJSC "Kredmash". Did this trend continue in 2011?

— In market conditions, the requirements for the technical level and quality of the manufactured units are constantly increasing. It's just that we do well what we know how to do, and Russian road workers choose the products of PJSC "Kredmash" on their own. During the past year, we have supplied 55 units. Of these, 31 - to Russian road workers. This is AMP with a capacity of 56, 64, 110 and 160 t/h and up to 240 t/h. Among them there is a tower type with a ready-mix hopper located under the mixer. And among ground-batching plant there are those with microprocessor control system and improved weighing system. All new generation equipment is manufactured according to European standards, equipped with modern units and elements from leading European manufacturers.

— One famous proverb says: "In order to at least stay in place, you need to run quickly." And what is being done at PJSC "Kredmash" to meet modern conditions?

— I want to start by increasing the amount of investments directed by PJSC "Kredmash" for the development of production. Last year, they amounted to almost 15 million rubles. Thanks to this, advanced technologies have been introduced, the production equipment park has been modernized. Thus, the foundry has been completely re-equipped with the installation of induction furnaces and mixer furnaces, the introduction of energy-saving technologies continues, high-performance welding and painting equipment, machines and lines from leading manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the United States - press brakes, machining centers, spot-welding machines have been purchased and installed and much more. Thanks to what was done last year, we not only "stay in place", but also break into a leading position. We have a well-organized service for our products.

In the warehouses of regional representatives (dealers), you can always purchase the necessary spare parts for asphalt mixing and ground-batching plants. The specialists of PJSC "Kredmash" are ready to go to the road workers at any time to resolve any technical issues.

— Tell us about the near future of PJSC "Kredmash".

— We have good prospects for the whole of 2012, even taking into account the difficult economic situation both in Ukraine and Russia, as well as in Europe and the USA. The main contracts for the supply in the first half of the year of asphalt mixing and ground-batching plants, as well as spare parts for them, have already been concluded with road workers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and other countries. Work on the conclusion of contracts continues. In addition, our dealers' assessments of the situation are encouraging, and there are more than 10 of them only in Russia. Almost each of them holds a portfolio of orders with several promising draft contracts, because it is profitable for Russian road workers to work with PJSC “Kredmash” and at the time-tested AMPs.

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