"Automobile Roads" Journal, March, 2013

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Since 2001, Ukraine has been developing laws and standards harmonized with European agreements on cooperation between the EU and Ukraine. Basically, the work is focused on Technical Regulations, and comply with the European Union Directives - laws that establish the necessary level of safety for goods throughout the EU. The Russian Federation, Belarus and other CIS countries have also developed and implemented their own Technical Regulations. In 2012, the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union were released and will soon come into effect. Among other things, the products of many Ukrainian manufacturers meet the requirements of the laws of these countries. The experts of PJSC "Kredmash" selected national standards and analysed all types of risks arising from the operation of asphalt mixing plants for each regulation: "Technical regulations for the safety of machines and devices", "Technical regulations for the safety of low-voltage equipment", "Technical regulations for electromagnetic compatibility". Now the asphalt mixing plants of PJSC "Kredmash" meet all regulatory requirements. In order to comply with the requirements of the standards, the necessary changes have been made in the design of the units. The handrails of stairs and service platforms were redesigned. They have become higher and more reliable.

Transitional platforms on high staircases were introduced. The rotating parts of some mechanisms are covered with casings. This prevents personnel from entering the hazardous area. In especially unsafe places, there are special blocking devices for reliable blocking of access. Emergency stop systems have been introduced for individual units and the entire complex in places with increased risks, and warning signs are used to inform the staff. The necessary standards and safety conditions have been introduced into the technical specifications for units and operational documentation. A fundamentally new computer control system for the asphalt mixing plant has been created. Now electrical equipment is mounted both in the operator's cab and in separate remote cabinets located directly at the units. In connection with the introduction of Technical Regulations on the territory of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, the design of PJSC "Kredmash" units has been significantly improved. The result is the creation of a new routine asphalt mixing plant DS-1687R. In September 2012, it was assembled at the factory installation and testing site. Experts from the certification bodies of Ukraine "UkrSEPROprombudm" (Kiev) and the Russian Federation "TEST-SDM" (Moscow) were invited. After carrying out the necessary tests, they issued certificates of conformity to PJSC "Kredmash", testifying to the successful completion of work on the implementation of Technical Regulations in units of DS-168 model range. In October of last year, the specialists of PJSC “Kredmash” testing center completed certification in accordance with the Technical Regulations for other asphalt mixing plants of DS-185 and KDM 201 model range, as well as ground-batching plant DS 50B. Now the equipment of DS-185, KDM 201 and DS 50B model range also has the necessary certificates of conformity. This will undoubtedly increase the level of its competitiveness in the eyes of Russian road workers.

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