Equipment for the distribution of deicing agents KDM156 is vehicle-independent equipment and serves for the distribution of deicing agents (DA) with autonomous drive and minimum time for installation into vehicle KrAZ body or its analogues of appropriate load capacity. It has an autonomous drive and a control system.

It is designed for transporting and uniform distribution of DA along the width of the road surface with the possibility of their wetting and accurate dosing. 

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№ i/i

Parameter name, size Unit


1 Hopper capacity, minimum cubic meters 7,0
2 capacity of tanks of liquid DA cubic meters 2 х 1,00
3 Width distribution of DA, maximum m 2,0-12,0

Driving speed:

- operating

- transport, max


20 … 40


5 Hydraulic oil tank capacity l 80
6 Hydraulic system pressure, max MPa (kgf/cm) 20(200)


Additional Information


The equipment is a kit mounted on the common frame and includes the following units, systems and communications independent of the used car:

  • hopper (V = 7m3) for bulk DA;
  • tanks (V = 2x1000l) of high-density polyethylene for liquid DA for the purpose of salt solutions pouring or bulk DA moistening;
  • belt conveyor with mechanical tension adjustment and hydraulic drive;
  • distribution system with hydraulic drive;
  • autonomous diesel engine (ICE) ("LOMBARDINI" series 9LD625) with equipment of 24 V, flywheel clutch for driving the hydraulic pump;
  • a battery for starter starting of internal combustion engine with voltage of 24 V;
  • hydraulic system and hydraulic communications (with proportional distributive valves);
  • system of folding supports for mounting (dismantling) in the vehicle body;
  • electrical equipment and control panel.

The equipment design provides:

  • distribution of DA with the required density at given width in automatic mode with on-board controller and in manual mode (with off-stream controller) under the condition of driving at given speed;
  • protection of material in the hopper from the atmospheric fallout by means of an awning.

The controller is installed in the vehicle cab and provides:

  • automatic maintenance of the specified density and width of the sprinkling, regardless of the vehicle  speed;
  • control the sprinkling loop displacement to the left-to-right;
  • maintenance of the specified moistening of bulk DA;
  • determination of the vehicle speed and location with the installed equipment using GPS receiver;
  • measuring the level of liquid DA in tanks (with level gauge with resistive ruler);
  • measurement of ambient air temperature.
  • backlighting of the display for two levels of brightness - day and night;
  • menu of the operator panel in Russian.

Preparation of equipment for operation, controller handling, selection of the control mode should be carried out from the control panel.

The control panel is located on the equipment frame in the rear part on the left along the vehicle with access from the ground.

Width of DA distribution 2...12m.

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