Asphalt regenerator RA-802

Asphalt regenerator is designed for asphalt concrete mix preparation during patching of roadway carrying out across the road from the repair site, which allows adhering to hot asphalt repair technology at an ambient temperature range between -5 up to +30 0C. The asphalt concrete recycler is equipment intended for the production of good mixture used for patching roads.

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Asphalt regenerator RA-802

You do not know what equipment for the production of asphalt to choose and is our regenerator RA 802 suitable for this purpose?

This product has a number of advantages that have been appreciated by our customers:

  • is a vehicle-independent equipment that can produce up to 2000 kg/h;
  • it can be used directly near repaired road section. As a result, our customers can repair the road with a hot mix, and the direct location of this equipment near the roadway allows restoration even in late autumn and winter, when it is impossible to use stationary AMP.
  • our asphalt pavement repair machine in point of fact is a mini asphalt plant, which also allows for a significant reduction of repair costs up to 50%, as all materials are processed on site.
  • simplification of the road restoration process by means of direct location of equipment on the site;
  • the products are also used to reinforce the old coating, and this process of work is much less affects the traffic than stationary AMP.
  • such machine does not produce waste, which means it is safe for the environment.
  • the equipment can be used on various types of roads: from ordinary to large motorways.

Asphalt regenerator RA-802 allows:

  • use secondary asphalt-concrete material in the form of scrap pieces, milling products or work pieces with a high content of bitumen;
  • reduce the total cost of patching up to 50% at the site of work compared to the delivery of finished mixture.

Asphalt regenerator Kredmash

Asphalt regenerator is special equipment consisting of the following components:

  • thermally insulated drum with internally mounted blades;
  • of biaxial boogie;
  • engine HATZ (Germany);
  • heating systems (two-stage burner ELCO-France);
  • hydraulic systems;
  • auxiliary equipment;
  • electric equipment and control panels.

The design of asphalt regenerator provides:

  • filling with raw material by means of the upper loading tray (tray load capacity is 500 kg);
  • heating of the material by fire way (fuel burner is diesel);
  • mixing of the material;
  • unloading the finished mixture after opening the door.

Asphalt regenerator RA-802 Kredmash


Rated capacity, kg/h
at moisture content of basic materials of 3% and Δt = 140 °С,
where Δt is the temperature difference of the raw materials at the asphalt regenerator output and input 
Rated capacity, kg/h
at moisture content of basic materials of 5% and Δt = 140 °С,
where Δt is the temperature difference of the raw materials at the asphalt regenerator output and input 
Drum loading is single, kg, maximum 800
Top tray:   
- volume, m3 0,28
- lading capacity, kg, maximum 500
Engine:  HATZ
- fuel diesel 
- fuel consumption at speed of 3000 rpm and maximum load, kg/h 2,025
- capacity of the fuel tank, l 7
Burner:  ELCO 
fuel diesel
fuel consumption, kg/h 8,9-11,8
fuel tank capacity, l 80
Capacity of hydraulic tank, l 80
Overall dimensions, mm, maximum:  
 - length 4930…5225
 - width 2080
 - height 2145
Unladen weight, kg, maximum 2250

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