Scree block of KDM2107 5900000 Scree block of KDM2107 5900000

It is intended to sort stone materials, including gravel, crushed stone, etc.

Vertical tank for bitumen Vertical tank for bitumen NEW

Vertical tank for bitumen

Adhesive Additive Assembly Adhesive Additive Assembly

The adhesion agent batcher is designed to supply a liquid adhesive additive to the bitumen batcher

Scree block of DS 1857 Scree block of DS 1857

Scree block of DS 1857 is a new unit for asphalt mixing plant from PJSC Kredmash.

Muffles for furnaces Muffles for furnaces

The use of this muffles, instead of refractory bricks

Bitumen Storage Tanks Bitumen Storage Tanks

At the request of the Customer, storage tanks for bitumen can be equipped with heating flame tube system and a system of bitumen soft heating with thermal oil in tanks.

Power unit Power unit

It is designed for preliminary dosing of raw materials (crushed stone, sand) in accordance with given recipe and feeding them to the inclined conveyor belt. The power unit consists of units with installed belt feeders and conveyor.

Drying unit Drying unit

It is intended for heating and drying of stone materials to the state providing preparation of the mixture. The dryer unit includes: drying drum, furnace unit, dust and gas cleaning system.


Gas purifying equipment of dust cleaning system

Installation of bag filter Installation of bag filter

Gas cleaning equipment is provided to protect the environment from contamination during the operation of asphalt mixing units.

Stump assembly Stump assembly

Furnace unit is designed to burn fuel in order to obtain a high-temperature gaseous substance in the drying drum.

Aggregate mixing Aggregate mixing

It is designed for sorting and dosing of heated sand and gravel, dosing of bitumen, mineral powder and dust, preparation of asphalt-concrete mixture and unloading it directly into vehicles or skip of finished mixture unit.

Aggregate of mineral powder Aggregate of mineral powder

Mineral powder unit is intended for reception, temporary storage and delivery of a mineral powder in dispenser or in receiving device of mineral powder elevator of mixing unit.

Dust unit Dust unit

It is intended for collected dust accumulation in the dust-cleaning system and feeding it through the elevator for dosing into mixing unit.

Finished mix unit Finished mix unit

It is designed for reception, short-term storage and unloading of finished asphalt-concrete mixture into vehicles.

Bitumen equipment Bitumen equipment

Bitumen equipment is intended for the reception, storage, heating and supply of bitumen to the dispenser of the mixing unit.

Operator's cabin Operator's cabin

The operator's cabin is the workplace of a specialist managing the asphalt mixing unit.

Pneumatic system Pneumatic system

It is intended for supplying of compressed air to the pneumatic cylinders of the units aggregate.

Heater of liquid coolant Heater of liquid coolant

The heat-transfer liquid heater is designed to heat the heater (oil) to the operating temperature and to supply it to equipment requiring heating.

Unit of Cellulose Additives Unit of Cellulose Additives

The cellulosic additive unit construction provides receiving, dosing and dispensing of granulated cellulosic additives such as VIATOP, GENICEL.

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