If you are planning to establish a profitable business in the road sector, your company will need a new asphalt concrete plant.

Those road builders who prioritize high quality equipment that meets modern quality standards, as well as the best price, choose products manufactured by PrJSC“Kredmash”.

Asphalt concrete plants from Manufacturer in Ukraine

Asphalt concrete plants (ACP) are a whole complex of road equipment and accompanying constructions, which are located on a separate territory and are designed for the production of asphalt concrete mixture.

The asphalt concrete plant consists of a weighing room, bitumen and crushed stone storage facilities, a workshop for repairing of equipment, a laboratory that checks the quality of the mixture, household and administrative buildings, etc.

In turn, the asphalt mixing plant is a key element of this complex and is directly responsible for the production of the mixture.

“Kredmash” is rightfully considered one of the best manufacturers of asphalt concrete plants and ground mixing plants in Ukraine and abroad.

Advantages of PrJSC“Kredmash”company products:

  • Modern equipment

The manufacturer mastered the production of AMP (asphalt mixing plants) back in 1949. Over the years, the model range has been upgraded several times. Today, “Kredmash”machinery is equipped with the best European components (compressors, burners, agitator armor, electrical equipment, etc.), which makes it one of the most reliable on the market.

  • Upgrading of ACP

The company also provides upgrading services for formerly existing asphalt concrete plants, after which such road equipment will become even more efficient, environmentally friendly and accurate in operation.

  • Wide model range

A wide range of models of different capacities and functionality: from equipment for small volumes of road works to heavy ACP producing up to 240 tons of mixture per hour, which operate on the construction of highways, motorways or roads in cities and towns.

  • Quality standard

The company's products meet strict environmental criteria and operate at maximum efficiency

  • Successful start of your business

To ensure a smooth start-up, our specialists will perform its operational installation and commissioning, as well as train the staff to work with AMP.

  • Democratic price

Despite the European quality of our plants, the cost of our asphalt concrete plantsin Ukraine remains affordable for almost all categories of consumers.

In addition to asphalt mixing plants, Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines offers ground mixing plants. They are used to produce the base of the roadway.

How to buy the asphalt plant of Ukrainian production?

If you want to buy the asphalt plant, we are ready to offer you the most favorable conditions for the purchase of our products:

  • First, you consult with our specialists and choose a suitable ACP model. If you need a technique with individual characteristics, we are ready to implement it in your project. The price of an asphalt plant will depend directly on the model, its performance and the functionality of the asphalt plant.
  • After all the details of the asphalt plantsale have been agreed upon and you have paid for the order, we will proceed to the order. As a rule, production time is up to 30 working days.
  • We are ready to consider the most convenient delivery options: by road, sea or rail.
  • Our offer may also include installation and commissioning of the equipment. This process usually takes about a month. After AMP issues a test batch, you can put it into operation.

Sale of asphalt concrete plants (ACP) “Kredmash”

The warranty period for our plant operation is a year and a half from the date of commissioning, but not more than 18 months from the date of ACP sale and its delivery to the client.

As practice shows, many asphalt mixing plants have been successfully operating for 10 or more years.

The company provides post-warranty service and guarantees timely delivery of all necessary spare parts and components.

All our products are available for leasing. This is a proven option for buying of new equipment when it cannot be purchased using your own funds.

In this case, the final cost of ACP will depend on: the price of your chosen model, the bank with which you will cooperate and the terms of the contract.

To find out the price of the asphalt concrete plant, as well as to consult on the choice of AMP suitable for your needs, please, contact with the representatives of PrJSC“Kredmash”. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your choice!

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