Sand and salt-spreading vehicle KDM156 KDM156 NEW

KDM156 is a structural module with a hydraulic drive from the autonomous diesel engine,

Sand-spreading vehicles KDM 15222 KDM 15222

It is used for spreading of inert materials and anti-ice reagents, as well as cleaning roads from new-fallen snow. It is operated at an ambient temperature -40 up to +40 °С.


One of the plant activities is the production of modern mounted sand spreaders. You can buy sand-spreaders on KAMAZ, KrAZ and MAZ.

This equipment can be mounted on the rear or the frontal part of various automotive equipment and special equipment: tractors, loaders, etc. After installation, this equipment is used for spreading of special deicing mixture on roads and sidewalks.

Kredmash: the best mounted sand-spreaders.

Several manufacturers of sand-spreaders are presented at our market. The most demanded products are the products of PrJSC "Kredmash", this is modern equipment manufactured in compliance with all world standards, thanks to which our customers receive high-quality products that will serve for many years. Verified European components are used at manufacture. The high quality of the goods does not affect their price, the goods of Kremenchug plant of road machines remain accessible to the buyers.

We offer two types of such equipment:

  • The technique KDМ 15222 is used to spread a special mixture and to clear the snow from roads. It is quite flexible and can be used at temperatures from -40 up to + 40° C.
  • KDM-156 is vehicle-independent equipment designed to spread anti-ice reagents on the road. It has an independent drive and control system, and also takes minimum installation time in the body of the vehicle.

Depending on our customers wishes these products can be based on KrAZ, MAZ and KAMAZ.

Types of mounted sand-spreaders and their components.

Depending on their installation, the technique can be divided into the following types:

  • with installation on the front part;
  • with installation on the rear part.

In addition, our products are removable like as KDM 156 and non-removable like as KDM 15222; also we have municipal sand-spreaders, which are in great demand among road and municipal services throughout Ukraine and abroad.

The structure of our equipment includes such elements:

  • hopper with grate;
  • spreader;
  • conveyors;
  • various spare parts: disk and chain. The first type is designed for uniform components distribution on the roadway, the second is for their feeding to the disk.

You can find out more about all the features of our products, buy equipment or spare parts for it by contacting with the specialists of Kredmash.

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