Modernization of mixers ABZ DS-1857, DS-185 and DS-158 Modernization of mixers ABZ DS-1857, DS-185 and DS-158

Modernization of mixers ABZ DS-1857, DS-185 and DS-158

Modernization for mixers ABZ DS-168 and KDM201 Modernization for mixers ABZ DS-168 and KDM201

PJSC "Kredmash" offers modernization for mixers DS-168 and KDM201.


PrJSC "Kredmash" has manufactured more than 21 thousand asphalt mixing units (AMU) of various capacities, about 100 different modifications since 1949. Modern control systems meet all consumers requirements on technical level, quality of produced mixtures and environmental parameters. Previously produced AMU are worn out and outdated equipment. It is difficult to manufacture asphalt mixes, which meet modern requirements on quality on them. In addition, the cleaning of furnace gases does not always meet the requirements of ecology. A lever system for weighing stone materials and mineral powder, a volumetric (with a float) bitumen dispenser is used in these units. The aggregate of wet gas-cleaning of airlift type used in these units has a low degree of efficiency. In addition, many units were not equipped with the finished mixture unit and mineral powder unit.

The first Kredmash asphalt plants

We propose stepwise upgrading for reconstruction of AMU of the previous years manufacture to the present level:

  • upgrading of mixing unit with replacement of the lever dosing system with weighing batchers on strain gauges, including replacement of volumetric bitumen dispensers by weight batcher. If necessary we do retrofitting with a mineral powder unit, replacing the mixer drive with a more powerful one, replacing the screen with the purpose of sorting and dosing materials for 4 or more fractions;
  • upgrading of drying unit includes the replacement of furnace unit with new, more economical and efficient one. If necessary, it is possible to transfer from liquid fuels to natural gas and vice versa. In order to improve environmental parameters, it is recommended to replace the old dust cleaning system with cyclone unit by bag filters unit. The level of waste gases cleaning increases more than 10 times, there is no need for a wet dust extraction system and disposal of wet sludge, if necessary, a drying drum with thermal insulation is available;
  • upgrading of power unit includes the replacement of the old power unit with a new one with 4-5 hoppers with loading width up to 3,5 m, with belt feeders and the possibility of adjusting of their capacity from the operator's cabin with frequency converters;
  • upgrading of finished mixture unit includes the installation of a heat-insulated bin with capacity from 70 to 100 tons or more, with frequency adjusting of skip speed;
  • upgrading of bitumen facilities includes the installation of horizontal and vertical tanks for storage of bitumen with a volume of 30, 48 and 60 m3, bitumen heater of 30, 48 and 60 m3. It is possible to supply a bitumen heater with oil registers and the flowing bitumen heater, the heat-transfer liquid heater 300,000 kcal/h with liquid or gas burner, pumping bitumen stations, bitumen pumps, straight-through and three-way bitumen valves, pumping oil stations, sets of bitumen lines;
  • upgrading of the operator's cabin is performed with the replacement of the relay control system with a modern microprocessor control system, using the components of the world's leading manufacturers;
  • if necessary, the supply of cellulose additive aggregate for the production of crushed stone-asphalt  (CSA), aggregate for modified bitumen preparation with a capacity of 30 m3 and two mixing devices and 60 m3 with three mixing devices and vertical capacity 48 m3 with one mixing devices.

Modernization of asphalt mixing plants

All supplied equipment is completed with technical documentation and certificates. Works can be performed by highly qualified specialists of our company. In any case, at upgrading we will take into account your individual requirements.

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