To ensure the efficient operation of the entire infrastructure of the city, road workers need communal equipment that performs a certain range of works.

In the assortment of “Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines”, you can find the most popular equipment designed to maintain cleanliness and order on city streets.

Sale of Utility machinery from the manufacturer's plant “Kredmash”

Our factory offers a large selection of reliable equipment that will effectively solve all your problems:
  • excellent performance level and optimal set of functionality for all models;
  • simplicity and maintainability make our products one of the most demanded on the market;
  • dependability, efficiency and reliability of work;
  • warranty for the entire model range;
  • our reputation which have the confidence of the road and utility services;
  • the optimal ratio of the democratic cost and high quality of products, thanks to which every company can allow to buy communal equipment at the acceptable price.

Our experts will help you find all necessary equipment. We also offer service, which includes diagnostics of our road vehicles and, if necessary, replacement of faulty components.

Municipal road cleaning equipment

“Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines”, offers a wide range of modern municipal cleaning equipment that will ensure the efficient functioning of any city. 

You will find equipment of the following types in the catalogue of PrJSC “Kredmash”:

  • Utility machinery for road cleaning 

This includes snow cleaning equipment - ploughs for KrAZ, MAZ and KamAZ vehicles, as well as the plough for wheeled vehicles.

We also have sand-spreading vehicles for MAZ, KrAZ and KamAZ, which are used to spread special anti-ice reagents and inert materials, and can also be used to clean roads from new-fallen snow.

  • Equipment for patching of roads.

This category includes Asphalt regenerator RA-802, operating according to the hot asphalt repair technology using recycled asphalt concrete material, as well as KDM337 mini-sprayer and small-sized Mini-sprayer KDM 3391, designed for spraying of cold bitumen emulsions.

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