Plow for vehicles KrАZ, KаМАZ Plow for vehicles KrАZ, KаМАZ

In the design of plow KDM-2400000 mounting designed for vehicles KrAZ and KamAZ it is used a high-speed throw plow with an enhanced lifting/down mechanism.

Plow for vehicles ZiL, KaMAZ Plow for vehicles ZiL, KaMAZ

Snow equipment CO 01 is plow of shifting type (for ZiL, KaMAZ).

Plow for wheeled technics KDM160 Plow for wheeled technics KDM160

Snow-removing plow for wheeled equipment


Attached snow equipment manufactured by our company is actively used by municipal enterprises of various cities of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, Romania, Georgia and Serbia.

Angled snow plow showed as proven technique that will serve for a long time. It allows you effectively control freshly fallen snow, shoveling and pushing it away, helps to clear the roads and sidewalks.

Kredmash snow grooming equipment is the best solution for snow removal
Are you planning to buy attached snow equipment for wheeled vehicles?

Kremenchug plant of road machines offers a front blade for snow cleaning, which can be installed on ZIL, KAMAZ vehicles and MTZ-50, MTZ-80, 70M3-6 and other tractors.​

We offer modern equipment made according to all European standards and made of high quality materials. Our equipment is quality, advanced technology, reliability and ease of use.

You can buy a snow plow and additional components to it, as well as learn more about all features of the operation of these products by contact with the specialists of Kredmash plant.

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