Ground-mixing plants DC50B DC50B

Designed for cement and bituminous mixtures used in road construction preparation

Ground-batching plants

Interested in a reliable soil mixing plant? Choose an effective equipment designed to mix soil, as well as the manufacture of various mixtures used in construction, in particular, in road construction works?

The ground mixing machine, which can be purchased from PrJSC "Kredmash", is ideal for the manufacture of the foundation of the roadway and other related works. It is characterized by high performance and low power consumption.

Ground-mixing plant "Kredmash" is indispensable in road construction

Our machines have proved to be one of the most effective and indispensable types of equipment. Our clients use them for repair of road surfaces, for the construction of new roads and other related works.

All the equipment of PrJSC "Kredmash" allows significantly speeding up the process of accomplishing the tasks and guarantees an excellent result at low financial costs.

Our factory produces a soil mixing machine for knitting mineral substances - the plant DS 50 and its modification DS 50B. The product is used in offshore quarries. With its help, the disconnected soils are transformed into cement-ground and bituminous mixtures used in the construction of roads.

Our design is characterized by such technical characteristics:

  • Dosage of the soil, which is previously freed from large particles, occurs according to a specific instruction, after which it is fed into a special container;
  • Dosage of various substances from the expenditure receiver;
  • Distribution and supply of asphalt / liquid in a tank from a special buffer tank;
  • A mixture of components is fed into a special receiver;
  • Shipment of the final mixture from the components in the receiver to the road transport.

In addition, the DS50 and DS50B have such distinctive parameters:

  1. Uninterrupted weighing of cement and various particles (error ± 1%);
  2. Distribution of liquid by flowmeter (error ± 0,5%);
  3. Verified supply of inert substances;
  4. Monitoring and control is provided by an automatic microprocessor control system.

Are you planning to buy equipment and are interested in the price of such products?

Consultants will tell you about all the nuances about the products, specify the price and help you choose products that will meet all your requirements.

Kremenchug plant of road machines produces leading products of this type, which meets all the requirements of the modern market and is characterized by an optimal ratio of price and quality.

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