Mini-sprayer KDM 337 Mini-sprayer KDM 337

Mini-sprayer KDM 337 intended for economical and quick spraying of cold bituminous emulsions during dribbing, asphalt paving of road areas, for sealing joints and cracks of small areas of asphalt pavements.

Small-sized Mini-sprayer KDM 3391 Small-sized Mini-sprayer KDM 3391 NEW

Small-sized Mini-sprayer KDM 3391 is a new plant development that performs filling (spraying) of bitumen emulsion on the roadway before laying of asphalt-concrete mixtures.


Mini tar paver (bitumen emulsion sprayer) is an effective equipment that is used when spraying pre-heated emulsions onto the road surface when asphalt roads, sidewalks and roadside areas are asphalted.

It is also really irreplaceable equipment where it is necessary to eliminate defects on the roadway, for example, to seal stitches and cracks on the roads, to prime the pits before filling them with asphalt-concrete mixture.

How to choose and buy necessary equipment in Ukraine

Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines produces advanced equipment that has excellent performance indicators, is easy to use and does not harm the environment.

Among other advantages of the company's products is the use of modern European components, the ability to modernize equipment and introduce additional or expanded functions into it, as well as affordable price.

Therefore, if you want to buy mini tar paver (bitumen emulsion sprayer) in Ukraine and thereby acquire reliable equipment that will serve you for a long time with consistently high efficiency indicators, so the products of PrJSC "Kredmash" are exactly what you need.

Among the company's developments are two effective products designed to solve the most urgent tasks of road builders.

One of such models is mini tar paver KDM 337. Among the advantages of the unit is the ability to save consumables and the time needed to carry out the work, as well as to reduce the salary costs of the staff, while ensuring high-quality coating with bitumen material of the treated area.

As the tendency to use the emulsion in road works is becoming popular among road workers, "Kredmash" produced another sample of such technique: trailerised sprayer (tar paver) of the bitumen emulsion KDM 3391.

In contrast to KDМ 337 this bitumen emulsion sprayer is the attachment that is installed in the trailer and fixed there with special bolts or, at the request of the customer, on the chassis frame.

Sprayer of bitumen emulsion (tar paver) on trailerised vehicles has many advantages:

  • process control from the cab of the vehicle is more convenient to use and reduces the cost of patching roads;
  • has good mobility indicators, which allows you to quickly perform all work directly near the site of the road restoration;
  • high quality of work is achieved through the use of modern consumables and the latest economical technology allow spraying with the required coverage rate in liters per square meter and the required width.

Both machines allow you to carry out all work on the restoration of the roadway at any time of the year and do it as efficiently as possible. Thanks to this, our clients can be sure that they will meet the deadlines and all work will be performed of the highest possible quality.

Products of Kremenchug plant of road machines is the best choice for those who want to optimize the working process and solve all the tasks.

Here you can profitably buy a high-quality mini tar paver (bitumen emulsion sprayer) and get a comprehensive consultation on all questions regarding the choice of equipment and the features of its operation.

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