Asphalt concrete plant and asphalt mixing plant: what's the difference?

09.07.2021248 Page views

Read about all differences between asphalt concrete plant and asphalt mixing plant. PrJSC ”Kredmash” produces asphalt mixing and ground-batching plants.

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Types of filtration systems and when to use bag filter

18.06.2021220 Page views

Read the article to know how “Kremenchuk plant of road machines” solves the issue of flue gas purification and what filters for asphalt mixing plants are used for these purposes.

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What type of fuel do asphalt mixing plants run on?

27.04.2021474 Page views

The use of certain types of fuel can be unprofitable for your plant. What is the reason for this, how to choose the right fuel and what are the options for saving are available is in our article.

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What is the difference between ACP with a tower- and a parterre type arrangement of units?

19.03.2021578 Page views

Read in our material about all the features, as well as the benefits and implications of various types of arrangement of ACP units.

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7 reasons to invest in the asphalt concrete plant

17.03.2021522 Page views

Today we will tell you about all benefits of shifting to the new equipment and why a startup business should think about it to focus on working in the road sector.

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AMP Automation and what that’s for?

24.02.2021590 Page views

Read in our article about the main reasons and advantages of automation of asphalt concrete plants of PrJSC Kredmash.

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Assembly, installation and commissioning of asphalt plant (AP)

22.12.2020896 Page views

Read in our article about how the assembly, contract supervision and installation of the asphalt mixing plant of PrJSC Kredmash takes place.

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Design and preparation of the site of the asphalt plant

21.12.20201074 Page views

Read in our article about what the AP design process includes, what is included in the basic configuration of asphalt plants and how the site is prepared for the Kredmash asphalt mixing plant.

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Environmental friendliness of the asphalt-mixing plant and its impact on the environment

26.10.20202290 Page views

Read our article on how you can minimize your emissions while still producing high quality asphalt.

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How is the quality control of the asphalt concrete mixture

07.10.2020951 Page views

In order to make a good pavement, the road workers have to regularly monitor the quality of the asphalt concrete mixture, which will eliminate its possible defects and increase the service life of the roadway.

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