26.10.2020243 Page views

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How is the quality control of the asphalt concrete mixture

07.10.2020295 Page views

In order to make a good pavement, the road workers have to regularly monitor the quality of the asphalt concrete mixture, which will eliminate its possible defects and increase the service life of the roadway.

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What you need to know before buying an asphalt mixing plant

06.07.2020654 Page views

Direct commissioning is preceded by a number of technological operations: the organization of the delivery process and the choice of the place where your ABZ will be installed, its installation, commissioning and training of specialists.

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How do ACPs of continuous and cyclic action differ

08.05.20201226 Page views

All types of asphalt plants can be conditionally divided according to the operation principle of technological equipment: there are continuous ACP and those of cyclic action.

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Stationary and movable asphalt mixing plants in Ukraine

06.04.2020844 Page views

Today, stationary and movable asphalt mixing plants in Ukraine are the most relevant and effective technique in the road construction market.

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The evolution of asphalt mixing units Kredmash

11.02.20201641 Page views

This year, our company celebrated 70 years since the output of the very first asphalt mixer. Therefore, today we would like to share with our partners and customers the history of “Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines” and tell in more detail about how our technology evolved.

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Asphalt plants in Ukraine at the price from the manufacturer

21.01.20201851 Page views

PJSC “Kredmash” is one of the oldest machine-building enterprises in Ukraine: the company has more than 70 years of designing, manufacturing and efficient after-sales service of AMP.

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Snow–removing equipment in Ukraine from PrJSC “Kredmash”

14.01.2020580 Page views

Ukraine has already fully experienced the first frost, which brings to the front page the need to purchase high-quality snow cleaning equipment. Each type of equipment has its own design features, which we will consider in this material.

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Development concept of PrJSC Kredmash: report at the AutodorExpo 2019 exhibition

18.11.20191280 Page views

Report of Sergey Perepelchenko, Deputy Chief Designer of PJSC Kredmash, on new asphalt mixing plants of the enterprise, general trends in the development of the construction of roads and the modernization of "old" models of asphalt plants.

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How to open your own asphalt plant

19.07.20194231 Page views

Stages of opening the asphalt plant: how to start your business in road construction and asphalt production.

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