How to buy asphalt plants under the scheme of financial leasing from PrivatBank

Leasing is a type of lending in which PrivatBank acquires a leased asset and transfers it to you for use with the right of repurchase agreement.

What advantages do you get:

  • Opportunity to purchase AMP on lease.
  • Simple execution - the minimum set of documents, the decision to provide funding is made online.
  • Financing at the minimum rate - from 1% per annum without hidden charges and overpayments.
  • You do not need to withdraw from the turnover all 100% of the equipment cost. You can pay for leased equipment in parts due to profits from its use.
  • You save on tax payments due to depreciation, tax credit on VAT and an increase in costs by the amount of interest and fees.
  • The bank protects your property. It cannot impose an arrest or enforce on the subject of leasing.
  • It does not require additional collateral in retention of financing.
  • The bank controls the supplier’s fulfillment of its obligations.

The product allows the company to acquire fixed assets without withdrawal of working capital and the providing of collateral. Savings on tax payments due to depreciation, tax credit on VAT and increased expenses in the amount of interest and fees.

Terms of leasing of industrial equipment in Ukraine

Lease term: from 12 to 60 months

Amount of financing:

  • for corporate clients - from 1 million up to 300 million UAH
  • for SME clients - from 200 thousand UAH.

The maximum leasing amount is 300 million UAH.

Rate **: from 1% * to 19% per annum (depending on the affiliate program)

Prepaid expense:

Equipment: Advance from 30% to 50% depending on the financial condition of the client and the type of property

One-time commission: 1% of the value of the leased asset (not charged at the standard rate of 19%)

Payment schedule: monthly in equal parts

Insurance: Annually according to the tariffs of accredited by the bank insurance company

Security: equipment leased on the basis of a lease agreement; - guarantee.

Lessee: SEP (legal entity/individual - entrepreneur)

Purchase of asphalt mixing plants on lease: how does it work?

  1. You choose the equipment, transport, technique that you want to lease, and inform about it the bank.
  2. Bank representative will contact you on the issue of the chose funding object and tell you what documents are needed.
  3. You provide the bank with a package of documents to assess the financial condition of your company.
  4. The bank decides on the financing of the purchase and reports it to you and the seller.
  5. You concluded the contract of sale and purchase with the seller. You make a down payment on lease. It is concluded the contract for the purchase of the asphalt plant on lease.
  6. The bank transfers your advance to the seller.
  7. Delivery of vehicles, machinery and equipment for the production of asphalt on lease, as well as their further transfer to the client.

Detailed advice on the possibility of buying a plant for asphalt production on lease can be obtained at our sales department by phone +38 (0536) 742289 or by sending a request to the e-mail

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