Asphalt mixing plant KDM205 KDM205 (200 t / h)

Heavy asphalt-mixing plant having all characteristics of current equipment concepts for large cities and highways

Asphalt mixing plant KDM206 KDM206 (160 t / h)

Ultramodern asphalt-mixing plant with all characteristics of current equipment concepts for large cities and highways

Asphalt mixing plant KDM209 KDM209 (110 t / h)

The installation of the new model range KDM209, which meets modern European requirements, is intended for both highway construction and local roads.

Asphalt mixing plant KDM208 KDM208 (80 t / h)

Optimum combination of price and quality for small volumes of asphalt-concrete mixture production

Asphalt mixing plant KDM207 KDM207 (60 t / h)

Optimum solution for small volumes

Asphalt mixing plant DS-185 DS-185 (64 t / h)

A reliable and quality installation for small amounts of work

Asphalt mixing plant KDM201 KDM201 (110 t / h)

Unit of average productivity

Asphalt mixing plant DS-168 DS-168 (160 t / h)

Asphalt-mixing plants of high productivity

Asphalt-mixing plants

Are you planning to buy an asphalt mixing plant and choose a reliable manufacturer of asphalt concrete production equipment? Do you interested in a quality modern solution that meets the requirements of the world market?

The products of PrJSC "Kredmash" are made taking into account all European requirements for such products; it is characterized by high quality and optimal price for each asphalt-mixing plant.

Kredmash Asphalt Mixing Plants and Asphalt Production Equipment

The production of bitumen concrete mix requires the purchase of quality equipment for asphalt production, additional equipment for its operation and extensive training of maintenance personnel.

First of all, the company planning to buy a plant for bitumen concrete production should determine the manufacturer of such products. Kremenchug plant of road machines is a pioneer of asphalt mixing plants manufacture and has showed itself as the company with excellent reputation, having all necessary certificates confirming the high quality of our products.

Our asphalt mixing plant is a modern, timeproof product manufactured in accordance with European standards, as well as providing the possibility of additional and advanced settings at the customer’s request.

Advantages of asphalt mixing plants Kredmash:

  1. Use of modern European technologies.
  2. High operational qualities: reliability, maintainability, as well as technical equipment with the latest control and monitoring systems.
  3. Availability of products with different technical characteristics, in particular, productivity from 56 up to 200 t/h.
  4. The warranty period is 18 months.
  5. The extensive dealer network guarantees a sufficient number of spare parts, which will be delivered to the customer in a short time.
  6. Different types of AMP: stationary asphalt-concrete, quick-mounted, tower, in automobile size.
  7. Short terms of order - up to 25 days.
  8. Short period of shipment of finished goods - from 5 up to 30 days.
  9. Operative and quality service;
  10. Manufacture of goods on customize order, which allows you to take into account all its requirements regarding the configuration.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Manufacturer and Supplier From Ukraine

PrJSC "Kredmash" is a leading manufacturer of such products, which has been selling asphalt-concrete plants since 1949. The company produces several different models: KDM201, KDM 205, KDM206, KDM 207, KDM208, KDM209, DS-18537A, KDM-BSU60S, DS-185, DS-185U, DS-168 and DS50B/DS50BM.

Each model is characterized by its technical characteristics: capacity, volume of mixer and number of containers, number of blocks of power unit and number of fractions. Our consultants will be happy to help you choose necessary products, specify the price and describe in more detail all advantages and nuances of operation of each model of AMP.

Our AMP is a profitable investment that will quickly pay for itself, so that your business will reach the desired level.


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