Welding and machining production

PJSC Kredmash offers its services for the manufacture of metal structures of any complexity from sheet and profile rolled products according to drawings from both our material and the customer's material.

The company has a new progressive equipment for the production of high-quality metal structures in Ukraine. All orders are carried out in the factory with quality assurance in accordance the customer's requirements.

Production of metal structures 

Equipment for the following processing  is at your service:

  • Blank production

Cutting sheet metal on guillotine shears with sheet thickness up to δ = 20, manufacturing of parts of any configuration with sheet thickness from δ = 1 mm to δ = 20 on plasma cutting machines and from 0.5mm to 16mm by laser cutting machineПроизводство металлоконструкций в Украине

Bending sheet metal on hydraulic Press Brake Amada HFE-M2 (Japan) with a table length of 4200 mm and the force Q = 220 tons. This press brake is a top-action press and is equipped with a CNC system that is used to set and control all parameters of bending. This allows high-precision bending of both simple parts and complex profiles (diffusers, confusors, etc.).

Производство металлоконструкций в Украине

Sheet rolling on 3 and 4 roller machines both cylindrical shells. The company has a unique 4-roll machine with the possibility of rolling a sheet up to 6300 mm wide.

Производство металлоконструкций в Украине

Cutting and  bending of pipes and rolled sections of various sizes.

  • Machining of parts

Performance of turning, milling, boring, drilling works of any degree of complexity.

Processing of details of complex configuration on the milling processing center Victor P106 with dimensions of processing  1060 × 600 × 560 mm.

Завод металлоконструкций

Machining of parts on turning centers LINX2100A (Doosan, Korea), equipped with an automatic bar feeder with a maximum bar diameter up to 48 mm. The machines allow processing at high cutting conditions, which guarantees quality and ensures high performance of the work performed. 

Металлоконструкции на заказ

Turning of large parts on turning-and-boring mills. The maximum diameter of the faceplate is 2250 mm. 

Cutting gear teeth and sprockets on gear milling machines. The maximum diameter of the cut gear is 2000 mm, the maximum cut module m = 14 mm.

Processing of body parts of cast iron and welded metal structures on boring machines with table dimensions of 1600 × 1250 mm.

  • Assemble-welding production

Assembling and welding metal structures of varying degrees of complexity: trusses, tank bins. The company uses semi-automatic welding, automatic submerged-arc welding, resistance welding with non-consumable electrode. We can render services in welding of stainless steels and non-ferrous metals by argon-arc welding. At the factory, double-column tilters with lifting centers, chain tilters and roller rotators are used.

Сборка и сварка металлоконструкций в Украине

  • Electroplating and painting

We can also perform electroplating of parts: galvanizing. We carry out painting of custom-made units with a paint-and-lacquer coating with a warranty period of service of at least 5 years (the color scheme and coating scheme are agreed with the customer)

  • Metal laser cutting

PrJSC "Kredmash" also performs metal laser cutting on the equipment of Turkish company Durma, one of the leading manufacturers. 
For this purpose our company has purchased a new laser cutting machine Durma HD-F 6020

Further technical information on our production capabilities

Chief technologist of PJSC "Kredmash" Tsokolo Anatoly Nikolaevich

  • тел. +38-0536-76-52-50

Deputy Technical Director Rozmary Oleg Georgievich

  • тел. +38-067-507-52-92

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