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Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines offers a wide range of spare parts for bitumen concrete plant, which will allow you timely replace outdated or failed elements, thanks to which your equipment will always be in good condition and show the most effective results in work.

Spare parts for asphalt plants from the manufacturer

PrJSC "Kredmash" is the largest manufacturer of modern plants for asphalt production, as well as a number of components for them.

Such field as road construction is constantly updating and improving technologies, therefore, timely modernization of the production cycle with the introduction of modern units and components will allow your company to produce mixture of higher quality, work more efficiently and without harm to the environment.

Sooner or later, any, even the highest quality equipment needs to be replaced with some parts that have become unusable as a result of intensive use or in favor of more modern and efficient components.

This section lists parts for asphalt plants that are most in demand.

So, if your asphalt mixing plants need modernization, you can purchase such components and parts from us:

  • power supply unit;
  • drier drum unit;
  • mineral powder unit;
  • inclined conveyor;
  • ready mix unit;
  • bitumen heater;
  • bag filter unit;
  • mixing unit;
  • cellulose additive unit;
  • adhesive additives unit;
  • operator's cabin, etc.

The list of spare parts for asphalt plants includes various belts, rollers and gearboxes, drums, pulleys and dampers, screws, closures, dust collectors and gas ducts, supports and collectors and many other components for various models of asphalt mixing plants.

Buy spare parts for asphalt concrete mixing plant "Kredmash" in Ukraine

The above list of spare parts for asphalt concrete mixing plant of company PrJSC "Kredmash" is the most popular and tradeable positions. However, this is not the whole list of products, because in addition to the above components, you can buy a number of other parts for asphalt concrete mixing plant. The absence of the goods you need in the list does not mean their absence in our warehouse.

You can check the availability and price of the items you are interested in right now by e-mail, by calling us on the phone number listed in the contacts section, or by contacting our regional dealers who have original spare parts for asphalt concrete mixing plant already in warehouse.

In request, please, indicate your location to calculate the cost of delivery and the time required to transport them to the selected region, as well as the model of your asphalt mixing plant (AMP), and, if possible, year of manufacture and serial number of AMP. This is necessary for us to properly complete the unit with original spare parts produced by PrJSC "Kredmash", Kremenchug.

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