Movable / Stationary

Performance: 56 tons / hour

Mixer volume: 730 kg

Number of containers: 1 х 30 m3

Power unit blocks quantity: 1

Number of fractions: 4

A reliable and quality installation for small amounts of work

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Мобильность стационарная
Productivity is nominal at humidity of input materials (sand and crushed stone) up to 3%, t/h 56
Installed capacity, kW, max. 199
Capacity of the power unit bunkers, pcs* m3 4х8=32 *
Тип питателей ленточный, регулируемый
Диапазон регулирования скорости питателей 1:20
Conveyor belt width, mm 500
Drying drum, Ø*L, mm 1460х5600
Привод сушильного барабана регулируемый, с плавным пуском и изменением скорости
Type of fuel  at option: liquid or gaseous
Number of fractions of the dosed stone material, pcs. 4 *
Capacity of hot stone materials bunker, m3 8,3
Maximum mass of batch, kg 730
Тип мешалки периодического действия
Время приготовления одного замеса, сек. 45..60
Общая вместимость бункеров агрегата готовой смеси, т (м3) 72 (39) *
Способ загрузки готовой смеси в автотранспорт из-под смесителя или агрегата готовой смеси
Общая вместимость бункеров агрегата минерального порошка, м3 23 *
Total capacity of tanks for bitumen, m3 30 *
Тип пылеулавливающего устройства на выбор: рукавные фильтры или комбинированный: сухой (циклоны), мокрый (скруббер "Вентури")
Тип дозаторов весовые на тензодатчиках
Система управления микропроцессорная
Привод исполнительных механизмов электропневматический

* комплектность узлов по согласованию с заказчиком

Delivery of plants can be carried out by rail, road and sea transport.


The quality of asphalt-mixing plants (products) manufactured by PJSC "Kredmash" is in accordance with GOSTs and technical specifications and is confirmed by the acceptance of the manufacturer's QC department.

Guarantee service life of asphalt mixing plant DS - 185 is 12 months; it is calculated from the date of commissioning, but no more than 15 months from the date of delivery of the Product by manufacturer provided that the rules specified in the operating manual are observed.

The warranty does not apply to the Products in the event of non-compliance with the rules specified in the operating manual of the Products, as well as in the case of constructive changes made without agreement with the Seller.

The Seller is not responsible for the warranty obligations if the Product is put into operation by specialists not certified by PJSC "Kremenchug plant of road machines".

When installing and launching the Product, the specialists of PJSC "Kremenchug plant of road machines" are issued warranty and Service Book, which is the basis for the fulfillment of warranty obligations.

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