Movable / Stationary

Performance: 160 tons / hour

Mixer volume: 2200 kg

Number of containers for bitumen: 2 х 50 m3

Power unit blocks quantity: 5 blocks

Number of fractions: 5-6

Ultramodern asphalt-mixing plant with all characteristics of current equipment concepts for large cities and highways.

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 KDM 206

Productivity is nominal at humidity of input materials (sand and crushed stone) up to 3%, t/h


Installed capacity, kW, max.


Capacity of the power unit bunkers, pcs* m3

5 х 12=60

Conveyor belt width, mm


Drying drum, Ø*L, mm

2200 х 8400

Burner power, MW


Type of fuel 

at option: liquid or gaseous

Type of screen 

inertial, self-balancing with two electrovibrators

Number of fractions of the dosed stone material, pcs.


Capacity of hot stone materials bunker, m3


Maximum mass of batch, kg


Tank of ready mix/capacity m3 (t) / number of compartments

Direct unloading compartment - 3,5(6,0)

2 compartments of ready mix - 2х22(39,5)

Volume of the total ready mix m3 (t) (at bulk density of 1.8 t/m3 47,5(85) or 100(180) (optional)

Capacity of mineral powder unit tank, m3


Dust tank capacity, m3


Type of dust collecting device  

bag filter regenerated due to induced drag

Filtering area of bag filters, m2


Total capacity of tanks for bitumen, m3


Type of bitumen tanks


Area dimension for equipment


* Specifications are subject to change without notice

Delivery of plants can be carried out by rail, road and sea transport.


The quality of asphalt-mixing plants (products) manufactured by PJSC "Kredmash" is in accordance with GOSTs and technical specifications and is confirmed by the acceptance of the manufacturer's QC department.

Guarantee service life of asphalt-mixing plants is 15 months; it is calculated from the date of commissioning, but no more than 18 months from the date of delivery of the Product by manufacturer provided that the rules specified in the operating manual are observed.

The warranty does not apply to the Products in the event of non-compliance with the rules specified in the operating manual of the Products, as well as in the case of constructive changes made without agreement with the Seller.

The Seller is not responsible for the warranty obligations if the Product is put into operation by specialists not certified by PJSC "Kremenchug plant of road machines".

When installing and launching the Product, the specialists of PJSC "Kremenchug plant of road machines" are issued warranty and Service Book, which is the basis for the fulfillment of warranty obligations.

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Favorable price in comparison with foreign analogues

Quality of products complies with European standards

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Asphalt mixing plant KDM206 Asphalt mixing plant KDM 206 Asphalt mixing plant KDM 206 Specifications Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant KDM 206 Asphalt mixing plant KDM 206 photo Asphalt Mixing Plant KDM 206 photo Asphalt plant KDM 206 photo Stationary asphalt mixing plant KDM206

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