Small-sized Mini-sprayer KDM 3391 is a new plant development that performs filling (spraying) of bitumen emulsion on the roadway before laying of asphalt-concrete mixtures. The equipment is also used for patching of roads and sealing asphalt seams and cracks.

This spray of bitumen emulsion is installed and bolted up to the floor of the car trailer and transported by car with unladen weight min. 900 kg.

The price of mini-sprayer is available on request.

The trailer is not included. 


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 Parameter name   Value
 The width of roadway spraying through the ramp, m  to  2,250
 Machine speed when the roadway processing, m/s   1 ... 2
 Norms of emulsion spill on the roadway through the ramp, l/m2  0.2 ... 0.8
 Sleeve length of a manual sprayer, m  8
 Tank capacity for the emulsion, l  500
 Tank capacity for washing liquid, l   20
 Wash liquid  diesel
 Recommended emulsion temperature when spilling  45 ... 60 ° C
 Heating speed of the emulsion with a flame tube  15 degrees/hour
The recommended burn for heating   propane-butane, GV "Donmet"
 Engine  SADKO GE-200 R Pro
 Fuel  Gasoline A-95
 Gear  pump


- volume, l

- maximum pressure, bar


 24, 5


 Operating pressure in the pneumatic control system of a spill valve, bar  4,0
 Spill control through the ramp  electro pneumatic from the console in the cabin
 Operating voltage in the electrical system, V  12
 The recommended tractor  vehicle type Gazelle
 Loading capacity of the recommended trailer, kg min.  900
 Unladen weight of the whole set of equipment, kg  350 
The trailer is not included to the scope of supply.
* The manufacturer has the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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