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Find a dealer in your region

Products PrJSC "Kredmash" is in great demand not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders.

We offer modern machinery: asphalt mixing and soil mixing plants, including a mini mobile asphalt plant. Our equipment meets all the requirements for such products, it is possible to lay individual functions upon the customer's request. As a result, our customers receive the equipment most suitable for their needs and raw materials, which will provide decent road coverage.

Kredmash: how to choose a dealer in your region?

Do you plan to buy an asphalt plant from an official dealer of Kredmash and do not know where to find the nearest dealer? For your convenience and ensuring the prompt delivery of factories and components, the Kremenchug plant of road machines is actively developing its own dealer network in the regions of different countries.

Thanks to an extensive dealer network, customers can not only buy an asphalt plant, but also order all the necessary components to it.

Official dealers of the Kredmash plant

In the countries listed below, the company has its own representative offices:

In Ukraine, this is directly PrJSC "Kredmash", which is located in Kremenchug.

As for Russia, there are dealers in such cities:

  1. Samara - OOO SDS; SDS-VORONEZH;
  2. Rostov-on-Don - IP Krasnov Ivan Vlasovich (MSF "SNABDORMASH");
  3. Bryansk - OOO DORKOMPLEKT;
  4. Novosibirsk - LLC "CREDTECHSNAB";
  6. town Ulybyshevo - LLC "VLADIMIRDORKOMPLEKT";
  7. Tomsk - LLC "Vershina";
  8. Ivanteevka - TEHRESURS-M LLC;
  10. Belgorod - Dormash-Service;
  11. Belgorod of LLC "EU" - is the official dealer of PJSC "KREDMASH" for the injection machines.

In Belarus there is representative offering our equipment in Minsk. These is the enterprise of OJSC "ABZKOMPLEKT".

In Azerbaijan our dealer is in the city of Baku: FIRMA FOBOS. In Kazakhstan, you can contact two dealers: in Kremenchug - LLC "KREDMASH IMPEX" and in Astana - LLP "KREDMASH ASIA".

Our representative in Georgia is OOO GAZERVISI in Tbilisi and KREDMASH IMPEX LLC, in Romania - SC VIKOS IMPEX UTILAJE SRL and S.C. "BELKREDMASH" S.R.L .; in Serbia - S.C. «BELKREDMASH» S.R.L.

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