Kremenchug plant of road machines offers the service of bending sheet metal. This technological operation allows the production of bulk workpieces and various metal products, as well as significantly simplify and accelerate the process of manufacturing parts and metal structures.

Bending sheet metal by the Kredmash plant

PrJSC Kredmash offers modern metal bending in Kiev at an affordable price. Extensive experience in this field and modern bending equipment allows the bending of metal of almost any thickness.

Our production is designed for prompt and high-quality execution of an order of any size and level of complexity.

For example, you can order from us:

  • bent metal profiles;
  • parts for different constructions;
  • supporting systems, as well as fasteners that are necessary for electrical equipment;
  • non-standard products and housing elements.

Bending sheet metal has many significant advantages over other methods of production of metal billets:

Unlike welding, this technology eliminates the need to process joints, which, as a result, makes metal structures much more expensive.

Professionally performed work is usually much better than welding.

This technology makes it possible to most effectively implement the metal profiles of all levels of complexity while avoiding defects characteristic of other types of production.

The entire manufacturing process is fully automated, thanks to which our specialists achieve high accuracy of all linear dimensions.

Such constructions  are characterized by increased strength and are less corrodible.

Learn more about all the details of this process, the timing of the implementation of  orders and calculate the price by contacting the specialists of PrJSC Kredmash.

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