Kremenchug plant of road machines offers its services for bending pipes of different diameters. In their work, the company's specialists use the best professional equipment, thanks to which our customers receive high-quality products for reasonable money.


PRJSC Kredmash has the best production base in Ukraine, which allows us to achieve incredible strength, reliability and efficiency of each design.

In our work, we use the latest technologies and the best equipment - the latest pipe bending machines that allow us to produce products without seams or wrinkles in the inner bend of the pipe, or any other structural defects.

Thanks to this, our clients can be sure that all their tasks will be implemented as accurately as possible in accordance with the designs provided.

The company offers its services for:

  • bending shape tubes;
  • In this case, it can be both square and rectangular in shape; it may have different dimensions and wall thickness, which are required  by our customers;
  • round water pipes;

In this case, our craftsmen also undertake to manufacture products of the required configuration.

Advantages of cooperation with PrJSC Kredmash:

  • the high quality of the material used and the work performed by our foremen; 
  • no wrinkles inside the product;
  • perfect accuracy of the specified angle of flexion;
  • professionalism of our specialists; 
  • fullfilling orders in scheduled time; 
  • affordable price for pipe bending; 
  • convenient terms of cooperation; 
  • the ability to fulfill an order of any complexity.

Kremenchug plant of road machines offers reliable products of the required radius and diameter, which will serve you for a long time.

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