Kremenchug plant of road machines offers custom-made metal parts.

Our company employs experienced technologists, designers and craftsmen, thanks to which you can count on professional advice and the most accurate production of metal blanks you need.

Production of metal parts according to customer drawings

Specialists of PRJSC Kredmash undertake to consider your application carefully and in time.

Our company manufactures metal parts according to the drawings of customers working in various areas: metallurgical, oil, automotive, chemical, light and food industries, and other fields. The development will be carried out by real experts who can develop spare parts and other elements according to accepted standards and GOSTs, as well as according to individual characteristics and parameters that are required a client. Production of various structural elements, spare parts and various blanks made of metal can be ordered from us.

The advantages of our work:

  • Full compliance of the finished product with the drawings provided to our specialists.
  • In case you need to refine the drawing, this can also be discussed with the foremen of our company.
  • The fastest possible production time.
  • Quality assurance for each product.
  • The possibility of producing large quantities of goods.
  • Production of both standard and non-standard products of any level of complexity and configuration.

All that is required of you is to send us the necessary drawings or designs of the future product, indicating the required volume and the desired timing of the project.

In turn, we pledge to promptly respond to each application, coordinate all technical issues and start to release your products.

You can also learn more about all the details of work by contacting specialists of PRJSC Kredmash.

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