Quality, reliability, usability, ease of transportation and installation,as well as high performance - all this is combined in the concrete mixing plant KDM-BSU90 manufactured by PrJSC "Kredmash".

The design of the concrete mixing plant KDM-BSU90 takes into account the latest trends in the development of the world's leading industry manufacturers. We made sure that our concrete mixing plant meets the requirements of the time, provides the necessary production rates. 
For the convenience of consumers, the concrete mixing plants manufactured by “Kredmash” are designed in 2 configurations:model KDM-BSU90C with a skip lift and model KDM-BSU90Kwith an inclined conveyor. 
The plants provide weight dosing of stone materials, cement, water, chemical additives, their mixing in mixers, unloading of ready-mixed concrete into vehicles. The entire plant is controlled by a centralized microprocessor control system. 
Concrete mixing plants are made in automobile size.

Complete set of concrete mixing plant KDM-BSU90

Mixer - 2250 / 1500 liters (manufactured by Italian company SICOMA), twin-shaft / planetary with side armor of the company HARDOX, Italian gearbox with 55 kW engine.

Storage hopper of inert materials 3x20 m3:
Skip lift 3 t for KDM-BSU90S / Inclined conveyor – 18,5 m long - for KDM-BSU90K  
Dosing devices (Water; Cement; Chemical additives; Fillers)
Compressed air system.
Cement unit 
Water pumping station 
Supporting metal structure.
Electronic weighing system.
Automatic control panel and operator's cabin.

Additional equipment 

Additional cement unit.
Additional equipment for chemical additives. 
Set of supporting frames.


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Scope of delivery and characteristics

Productivity, m3/h


Storage hoppersfor inert materials, m3


Carrying capacity of the conveyor-dispenser, kg

Up to3000

Supply of fillers to the mixer

Skip lift/ conveyor belt

Mixer volume,l


Mixer type

twin-shaft / planetary

Cement dispenser capacity, l

Up to1000

Water dispenser capacity, l

Up to440

Chemical additives dispenser, l


Control system


Cement screw, diameter, mm


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Favorable price in comparison with foreign analogues

Quality of products complies with European standards

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