The modernization of the mixers of an asphalt concrete plant consists in using an 8-row double-shoulder blade and stand layout on the mixer shafts with an increased area of cast iron blades with increased wear resistance.

As a result:

  • the time for complete mixing of the fine-grained mixture is reduced while increasing the homogeneity of the mixture; 
  • 2-3 times longer life of blades.

Please note that due to the increased current loads, it is necessary to replace a regular 30 kW motor (with a DS-158 of 22 kW) with a 37 kW (750 RPM) motor, as well as the starting equipment in the operator’s cabin.

The 30 kW (22 kW) and 37 kW engines have different height of the centers, sizes of output shafts and connecting dimensions. It is necessary to modify the engine support stand and additionally purchase a clutch between the engine and gearbox.

To modernize these mixers and their correct operation of asphalt mixing plants, it is necessary to purchase shafting assemblies. New racks and blades cannot be installed instead of racks and blades of the old design.

Kredmash marking for DS-1857:

  • DS-1857 45.12.500-Ч Mixer shaft, right - 1 piece;
  • DS-1857 45.12.520-Ч Mixer shaft, left - 1 pc;
  • DS-1857 45.00.180-Ч Coupling – 1 pc.

Marking for DS-185 and DS-158:

  • DS-1857 45.12.500-01-Ч Mixer shaft, right - 1 pc;
  • DS-1857 45.12.520-01-Ч Mixer shaft, left — 1 pc;
  • DS-1857 45.00.180-Ч Coupling – 1 pc.

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