The roads in Kremenchug are repaired with the help of Kredmash equipment.

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The roads in Kremenchug are repaired with the help of Kredmash equipment.

In Kremenchug, the payment is put in order: road repair in 2018 are carried out with using of the asphalt-concrete recycler RA-801 produced by the company PrJSC "Kredmash".

As reported by Kremenchuk municipal council press service, the local AMP - CE "Kremenchug road repair and construction department" again has started its work since April 3rd after a break for winter period, which began to restore the road along the street Troitskaya. The sites on the street Nebesna Sotnia to the street Bogaevskoho will be reconstructed in the near future. In addition, the workers began to prepare sites for restoration on Svobody avenue and the Pivzavod circle.

According to the Mayor of the city Vitalii Maletskii, this year the volume of renovated city streets and highways should double.

Kredmash: reliable equipment for highways repairing 

Kremenchug road builders use the equipment of “Kremenchug plant of road machines” - asphalt regenerator RA-801 for patch work.

This recycler allows us to eliminate potholes with hot asphalt mix, which allows us to simplify the work process and place the equipment directly near the work site.

The machine is able to produce more than 2 000 kg of quality asphalt mix per hour. We hope that in the near future all sites needing restoration will be put in order.

Another units plus is the lack of waste, so that all the city's roads will be restored without harm to the environment.

A new model of asphalt regenerator can be seen in our catalog.


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