Kredmash plant: totals of the first half 2018

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Kredmash plant: totals of the first half 2018

More than half of 2018 has passed, therefore, PJSC Kredmash  traditionally sums up the results of the first six months. This time, the results of the company's work were reported by the chairman of the board-general director O.V. Tvereziy and the deputy general director of production and marketing I.E. Grek.

In June, the output was 104.8% (the highest this year). For six months,  the manufactured products worth 667.3 million UAH, products sold - UAH 680.4 million (102.3%).
Six asphalt, concrete, and soil mixing plants (150% of the plan) were manufactured: DS-1853, DS-1683, DS-16863, DS-50Б, KDM20667, KDM-BSU60S.

The plant produced spare parts for UAH 26.08 million, casting for cooperative supplies worth  UAH  410.7 thousand;  90,000 of sealing machines; casting for own needs - 108.2 tons of cast iron, 25 tons of steel and 0.45 tons of non-ferrous one.

In addition, a lot of installation and commissioning work has been done during this road-building season. Factory brigades  dispersed in all regions to launch equipment. This type of work for June alone added 2283844 UAH to the ‘money jar’ of the plant (108.8%).

Last month, six units were sold: four for export (DS-1683, DS-16863, DS-18563, KDM20667), the soil mixer DS50B was sold to the Vinnitsa region; the first cement plant KDM-BSU60S went to Kharkov and is already being prepared  for installation.

Summer months remain productive, despite the construction works being in full blast. Five asphalt mixers are planned for July, although there may be adjustments to the production task due to the possible urgent orders. The DS-16837 mixing plant  was ordered in the city of Dnepr. KDM2067 asphalt mixer has been ordered  for the Khorol district for public funds (the project of the Poltava regional state administration).

Another important event in July is the production of the first item of the new  KDM20567 plant with a capacity of 200 tons per hour, which will work on the construction of roads in the Ternopil region. 

It is planned for July to produce spare parts for UAH 20 million,  85000 sealing machines and 407.5 tonnes of castings for cooperative supply.

The task has been set, the team aims at its successful implementation. We uphold our good name.


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