Foundry production at Kredmash plant

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Foundry production at Kredmash plant

Kremenchug plant of road machines (PJSC Kredmash) is one of the oldest companies producing asphalt mixing plants for building roads with hard surface.

The history of the plant begins in 1870. A long way to create a successful company. High quality road equipment produced by the company has received international recognition.

The product quality is confirmed by the quality management system certificate of compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001-2015 and the European quality certificate CE.

Foundry iron production at the Kredmash plant

PJSC Kredmash has its own foundry, specializing in the production of castings from steel, cast iron for mechanical engineering, automotive and other industries, which you can learn about on our website.

The foundry structure includes a foundry, a special castings area and a model section. The company’s laboratory complex conducts a rapid analysis of the chemical composition in the smelting process and the analysis of selected samples for processing quality certificates for products.

Литейное производство на завода Кредмаш

The foundry is fully mechanized. To produce steel and iron castings at the manufacturing site, a green sand casting method is used. The rods are made of oil sand, followed by heat-drying, as well as of cold-hardening mixtures according to the Resol-CO2 process..

The metal is smelted in the modern industrial electric induction furnace installation Duet Power 500 with two crucibles of 1.5 tons each produced by INDEMAK (Turkey).

When developing new technologies, casters give priority to technologies aimed at quality and economy of fuel and energy resources. The use of modern induction melting, molding and high-quality imported materials, allows to achieve a casting quality that meets the requirements of the consumer.

Assortment of cast grades:

  • cast iron with flaked graphite, 
  • cast iron alloyed with special properties, including Ni-hard, 
  • carbon steel and low-alloyed steel,
  • aluminum, 
  • bronze. 

Литье чугуна и стали

Production of casting molds and billets

PJSC Kredmash produces cast billets not only to ensure its own production, but also offers manufacturing services for: 

  • casting types  «sheet», «blade», «armour plate» of wear-resistant Ni-hard cast iron (58-62 НRCэ),
  • casting types  «roll», «support», «gear», «segment» of steel,
  • casting types  «cover», «sheave», «case» of gray cast iron.

The weight of castings produced is from 0.5 to 100 kg.

Additional services of the company: mechanical processing, heat treatment, paint-and-lacquer coating and electroplating.

PJSC Kredmash offers you the opportunity to place the manufacture of parts (castings) in our company and is ready to consider any proposals for the implementation of mutually beneficial projects and the establishment of cooperative communication. 

Additional technical information on the capabilities of our foundry can be provided by:

Deputy Technical Director for the preparation and development of production

  • Gonchar Sergey Vladimirovich

Head of Metallurgical Production Department

  • Tyzhuk Tatyana Yuzikovna

tel.(0536) 76-53-79



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