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PJSC "Kredmash" fulfilled the production plan for of marketable products in 2016. All applications of consumers for the purchase of asphalt mixing plants and spare parts for them were completed on time and in full. There is also a stock of orders for the first half of 2017.

It was produced products in the amount of 498.4 mln. UAH. 32 units of asphalt-mixing plants and ground-batching plant were sent to the buyers, most part of which — 21 units were sent to Ukrainian consumers in 2016. Most of sold products on the Ukrainian market are the units of a new product line. There is a wide range of spare parts for road construction equipment on the market. More than 880 thousand pieces of can-sealing machines have been sold (the demand for them does not decrease even during the off-season period).

Our company is successfully developing and trying to keep up with the times. 7.5 million UAH were invested in own production. Funds were mainly spent on the purchase of machine tools, tools, control devices, equipment, and appliances.

2016 was a special year, given the breakthrough in the Ukrainian market and the creation of new model line units. Last year the asphalt mixing plant KDM206 received the international CE certificate, successfully shows itself in work and today it is ordered in all regions. KDM206 works on the reconstruction of international routes.

The first steps to the consumer were made by new unit KDM208, which is now productively operating in Krivoy Rog. It was manufactured the first sample of concrete mixing plant KDM-BSU60S. The first sample of the model line KDM209 with a capacity of 100 ton per hour was manufactured and sold in Poltava district.
Road market monitoring tells us the direction of further work on the creation of new types of equipment. The plans for 2017 include the manufacture of the first sample of KDM205 asphalt mixing plant with a capacity of 200 t/h. There is a demand for such equipment, because the scale of road construction in Ukraine is growing.

The unit KDM207 with a capacity of 60 t/h is in the near future. It is this unit that is needed for the repair and construction of regional roads. We are sure that there will be a great demand for it, because with the local government reform, significant funds are allocated for their own development, including road construction.

We hope for the development and successful work of PJSC "Kredmash" in 2017.

Press relations service of PJSC "Kredmash".


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