Believe in a better future!

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Believe in a better future!

Dear plant workers!

On New Year's holidays I address to you with congratulations and best wishes in all aspects of life!

Time is constantly passing, taking us closer to the beginning of New Year 2021. At this point, we sum up and think about the future.

How do we remember 2020? Both pleasant events, and great tests. History has presented our team, as well as the whole country, every family, with unexpected challenges.


This year we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the plant. And despite the quarantine restrictions associated with spread of COVID-19, we did our best to celebrate it with great respect for all the workers and traditions of many generations of plant workers who created today's face of the enterprise with their work.

I am grateful to every Kredmash worker who tried to remain optimistic and work hard to fulfill the set tasks under such circumstances.

Despite the enormous economic difficulties, which only deepened, the administration of the plant tried to establish the production process and provide the team with work.

In 2020, 54 units were manufactured and sold (two more than planned). 56% of unis were sent to Ukrainian consumers.

Products output is 1077.1 million  hryvnia. Spare parts output more than 310.0 million  hryvnia. The program of production of consumer goods has been successfully completed, more than 1000,000 pieces of the sealing machines have been manufactured. 
In 2020, attention was paid to the technical re-equipment of production. Almost 25 million  hryvnia  of domestic investment was invested in the development of own production.

The money was aimed at improving and mechanizing production. In particular, a large amount of work was performed to move the transport shop and the warehouse of the supply and equipment department, which were located on Salganna street, to the territory of the enterprise. A modern turning machining center for WVB (wheeled vehicle body), a hardening machine with the unit of induction heating in the foundry, semi-automatic welding machines in the shops of wheeled and road machinery were purchased. This is not a complete list from the program of PrJSC “Kredmash”.


Factory design engineers worked on new developments in equipment, improved existing asphalt-mixing plants. This year, we offered the road users 50 m³ vertical bitumen tank with increased area of coils in auto-size. Work continued on the creation of a separate supply of dust unit for DS-185 asphalt-mixing plants with a capacity of 56 t/h with its own dust dispenser, a set of equipment for the transfer of DS-185U asphalt mixing unit to five-fraction screening and dosing system for stone materials.

The asphalt mixer of a new model range - KDM20567 with a capacity of 200 t/h with the recycling unit was installed and tested at the control assembly site.

Regular income allows us to direct funds on social obligations. Funds were allocated for the implementation of the collective agreement.

Employees of the plant and unemployed veterans received a variety of financial assistance through the charity fund "KDM-VITA" of a total sum of 2691.3 thousand UAH.

Since 2018, the company has health insurance in the Insurance Company "KNYAZHA". Today, 1225 plant workers are insured at their personal request. During the last insurance year, employees received benefits in the amount of 1429.1 thousand UAH.

We connect the prospects of the team’s work in 2021 with further road construction in Ukraine, which will continue to develop, as declared by the government. We expect the situation to improve and, most importantly, more active involvement of domestic producers in this program.

A package of orders is already planned for the first quarter of 2021, so we have hard work ahead. We have a full "order portfolio" for almost the first half of the year.
Crises are acting, life is changing. However, festive New Year's greetings and gifts, smiles of our relatives and friends remain unchanged - all that warms the soul with warmth and joy.


The New Year brings hope for a better future, the realization of cherished desires. I want to wish you, dear Kredmash workers, and your families good health, happiness, fulfillment of all dreams, joys of life, good holiday mood in the New Year! Let's hope for the best together and then we will definitely win!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Mykola Danyleiko, Chairman of Supervisory Board - President of PrJSC "Kredmash", Honored Engineer of Ukraine.

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