In the design of plow KDM-2400000 mounting designed for vehicles KrAZ and KamAZ it is used a high-speed throw plow with an enhanced lifting/down mechanism, which ensures its reliability during operation and the ability of blade to glide smoothly over the road surface at the working speed of the vehicle up to 60 km/h.

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 The width of roadway treated area is  2,5  m
 The distance of snow throwing (only to the right) at maximum working speed   10 m
 The thickness of the cleaned snow cover is up  to 0.4 m
 Lifting/lowering of the blade   pneumatic
 In a set: flashing light and parking lights  
 Fast-remove attaches with fastening with two folding-back screws  

Additional Information

Hydraulic plow is an optimal choice for road and municipal services.

Distinctive features of these products:

  • strong wear-resistant metal construction;
  • correct and convenient shape of the bucket, thanks to which the small elements will not fall to pieces;
  • rubber knives located on the bottom of the equipment provide a sufficiently tight contact with the surface on which cleaning is carried out.
  • hydraulic rotary blade is a modern solution that speeds up the cleaning process due to greater maneuverability of the bucket.

Unit can be equipped with wheels and a spare set of rubber knives.

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