Attached snow equipment (plow) for vehicles ZiL, KaMAZ

Snow equipment CO 01 is plow of shifting type (for ZiL, KaMAZ), with rubber knife, rotating right/left is designed for installation on the tractor MTZ-50, MTZ-80, 70M3-6, etc. of the same class for cleaning the road from fresh snow.

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 The width of cleared strip from snow  2,5m max
 The thickness of cleared snow cover  0,3m max
 Angle of rotation to the right/left  30 °
 Lifting/lowering of the plow  hydraulic
 Total weight of attachments   350kg
 Spare set of rubber knives  

Additional Information

Installation can be carried out in P rJSC "Kredmash" or at the Customer under the supervision of specialists of the plant-manufacture.

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