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Confident progression towards European standards. In 2014, our company celebrated the 65th anniversary of the production of asphalt mixing plants and availability of the road equipment at the market. 20762 plants were manufactured during this period, which indicates a lot of work going on for more than six decades. 

Throughout this period, we had to adapt to changing market requirements: from the need to produce a large number of simple, unpretentious asphalt mixing plants in accordance with the USSR State Planning Committee to high-tech, computerized asphalt mixers with individual equipment for the customer's request. At present, the official price list of the plant offers sixty modifications of asphalt mixing plants with a capacity of 56, 64, 110, 160 t/h and four modifications of ground batching plants with a capacity of 240 t/h.

Despite the fact that most of the plants were designed during the early 90s, they continue to remain in demand on the road equipment market due to the constant process of modernization, technical improvement of the design and increase in their energy efficiency in operation.

In recent years, the following have been introduced into the design of plants:

  • aggregates of dust and cellulose additives, ensuring the stable quality of asphalt concrete mixtures preparation, including for the upper layers of the pavement
  • self-balancing type screens with wire-mesh screen and motor-vibrators of Italian production;
  • high-speed elevators for stone materials and belt elevators for dust and mineral powder.

The production of horizontal and vertical bitumen tanks with a capacity of 30, 40, 60 cubic meters with increased area of coils has been mastered.

Reliable components of European and world manufacturers are introduced into the design of asphalt mixers: gear motors, electrical equipment, pneumatics, level sensors, Swedish cast iron for mixers, burners for bitumen and liquid heat carrier heaters, screws and others. We provide a complete set of plants with purchased units and assemblies from specialized European manufacturers, burners for drying drums and heat generators made in Italy.

Our plants are in the “price-quality” segment and are mainly adapted for sale in the markets of the countries of the former Soviet Union. However, now our company faces a serious task of supplies diversifying. The need to ensure the compliance of the technical level of our products with European counterparts, as well as the implementation in the design of the requirements of technical regulations of EU countries, comes to the fore.

Taking into account the impossibility of fully implementing of all these requirements in the design of existing asphalt mixing plants, the main specialists of the plant made the decision on the need to develop a new model range of road machines.

It is planned to create two standard sizes of model ranges on the basis of unified mixing units.

The first model range is high-capacity plants KDM 206 (160 t/h), KDM 205 (200 t/h) and KDM 207 (240 t/h). The first representative of this model range has already been installed at the factory experimental site for testing and certification. Also, by the end of this year, we plan to manufacture a prototype of KDM 205 plant.

The second range are plants of small and medium productivity KDM 208 (70 t/h) and KDM 209 (100 t/h).

The distinctive features of this model range of plants are significantly reduced metal consumption and five-fraction system for dosing of hot stone materials. At the moment, the design bureau of the plant is actively working on the development of the parterre version of KDM 208 plant.


In the pictures you can see 3D models of five-fraction vibrating screen and fundamentally new design of the mixer, which takes into account the recommendations of Swedish partners who supply us with cast iron for mixers DS-168 and KDM 201.

The main units and assemblies of this type plants are made in vehicle dimensions, which expands the possibilities of logistics for deliveries to the customer. Constructive solutions to improve operational safety and ease of operation open up prospects for the sale of our products in the traditional markets of not only for CIS countries, but also far abroad.

Vladimir Volkov, chief designer of the plant.


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