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To concentrate all efforts is the task facing the staff of “Kremenchug Plant of Road Machines”. The first half of 2016 began for the company with a long January vacation, resulting in a reduction in working hours. Traditionally, at the beginning of the year, due to the New Year holidays, the number of orders from consumers is also decreasing.

Therefore, the specific conditions of the first month caused an underfulfillment of the six-month plan for the main indicators. However, the team tried to overcome all the difficulties.

Since the beginning of the year, the production plan has been implemented by 92,3%, sales - by 91,6%. At the same time, the comparative growth of production in June, 2015 compared to June, 2016 is 153,8%. Over six months, the production of spare parts is 94,9%, cooperative deliveries is 59,4%, consumer goods is 100,1%.

The main focus is on the production of road equipment. Fourteen asphalt mixing plants were manufactured in the first half of the year (four of them are large units of the model range DS-168). Out of the plan, according to orders, three DS-50B ground-batching plants were manufactured.

This year the company introduced new products: concrete mixing plant KDM-BSU60S. The first specimen of the cement plant was installed and tested on the experimental site, now it is being finalized. We hope that BSU will find its consumer, since the construction of concrete roads is gaining popularity in Europe.

In the summer off-season months, the demand for spare parts, components and assemblies remains relevant. However, it is very difficult to predict the situation. In March, for example, the production of spare parts was 136,1%, and in June is only 48,3%. In July, it is planned to manufacture spare parts, components and assemblies for at least 15 million UAH. These products always remain in demand.

The summer schedule for the manufacture of road equipment is adjusted depending on the urgency of orders. Now in production is the manufacture of KDM201637BM plant (customer is SDS-Samara). It will begin to ship in July. The asphalt mixer KDM20163M will be manufactured and shipped to Drogobych.

In the process of shipment to the AMP’s customer of a new model range KDM20667, which will be installed in the town of Kobelyaki for repair of Poltava highway. The asphalt mixing plant KDM2087 will be leaving soon to Sumy region.

Due to the fact that we have received several orders from Ukraine for large asphalt mixers (we hope that their number will increase), all production work should be aimed at their high-quality manufacturing and timely shipment.

Since spring, the production of sealing machines for canning has increased (due to the active season of harvesting). During the season, 80-85 thousand machines are produced monthly.


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