Kremenchug plant of road machines offers the service of cutting flat rolled stock. The company uses high-quality guillotine shears for work, which allows cutting with a minimum flection of the edge. Due to this, the details for our customers have completely smooth edges without chipping or other possible defects.

All that is required from the client is to provide us with the necessary drawings for this operation.

Cutting metal at the price of the manufacturer Kredmash

Cutting sheet metal is a complex technological process, involving the most ergonomic arrangement of templates, which will be further used for cutting.

Thanks to a rational approach, it is possible to achieve exact completeness of the required parts, as well as to use the raw material as efficiently as possible.

Key features of the inclined-throat shears application:

  • the equipment can be used both in automatic and manual mode, thanks to which it is possible to cut out the workpieces in the volumes needed by our customers;
  • adjustment of the mechanical gap between the blades which allows for cutting different thicknesses;
  • control over the cutting process is carried out using a ball-bearing guide;
  • suitable for longitudinal and cross cutting.

Cutting a sheet of metal  using such an equipment  has 5 main advantages:

  • excellent performance accuracy;
  • high speed of work allows to quickly carry out even urgent orders;
  • the smooth surface of the finished product without roughness, burrs and chipping;
  • cost savings; 
  • affordable cost of products.

Learn more about cutting the flat rolled stock, the time of manufacture and the final cost of work by contacting the specialists of PRJSC Kredmash.


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