It is a structural module (without mounting on the customer's vehicle) with a hydraulic drive from the autonomous diesel engine, which does not require power take-off from the vehicle, is designed to transport and uniform distribution of anti-ice materials (sand, sand and salt mixture) on a paved road surface, installed in the trucks body with 24V electrical system.

The equipment is designed for outdoor use at temperatures from -20 to + 5 °C.

KDM156 is equipped with a microprocessor control system, the control panel of which is located in the driver's cab.

Material distribution is independent of vehicle speed.

Also, the equipment has GPS/GPRS system.

The price of sand spreading vehicle KDM156 is available upon request.

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Characteristic Value
bunker volume, м³: 7
capacity of vehicle, t, min. 13,5
internal dimensions of the vehicle body, mm (length (min) x width x height (max)): 4440 х 2100…2300 х 1400
operating speed, km/h, max. 50
nominal spreading density, g/m2:  
- salt 5…40
- sand salt mixture 40…240
spreading width, m 3…11
diesel engine (Germany) HATZ 12V:  
- power at 3000 rpm, kW (HP) 13,7 (18,6)
- fuel consumption at 3000 rpm, kg/h 3,5
- volume of the fuel tank, l 17
hydraulic system:  
- pressure, MPa (kgf/cm²), max. 11 (110)
- volume of the hydraulic tank, l 90
overall dimensions, mm, max. (length x width x height (on supports)): 6019 х 2468 х 3474
mass of unladen equipment, kg, max: 3200

Additional Information

Equipment designation when ordering:

  • KDM156 00.00.000 "Equipment for the distribution of anti-icing materials"

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