It is used for spreading of inert materials and anti-ice reagents, as well as cleaning roads from new-fallen snow. It is operated at an ambient temperature -40 up to +40 °С.

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Specifications: KDM 15222
Base chassis  KrAZ-6510
Weight of loaded technological materials, kg:  
- sand in the body 10000
Width of the treated area of the carriageway, m, maximum:  
- when spreading 4
 - when plowing 2,5
Average density of sanding, g/m², inert materials/reagents: 50...300 / 10...35
Snow ejecting distance with an ejecting plow, m up  to 10
Operating speed, km/h:  
- when sprinkling with inert materials 10-45
- when sprinkling with reagents, maximum 20
- when working with an ejecting plow, maximum 60
- when working with a shifting plow, maximum 45
Overall dimensions, m, maximum (length, width, height) 10,9х2,65х3,25


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