Kremenchug plant of road machines carries out drilling work on metal on demand.

Our customers request us this machining when they need to receive parts with holes of various diameters, cross-sections and depths.

This type of service can be ordered both as a separate technological operation, and in combination with other methods of manufacturing workpieces and metal structures presented at our website.

The price of drilling work on metal in Ukraine

Specialists of PrJSC “Kredmash” have extensive experience in carrying out of such technological operations, and a good assortment of required technical equipment allows us to offer drilling services on metal of any complexity, various geometric shapes and diameters.

As a rule, drilling is ordered at the final stage of the workpiece manufacturing; after all necessary metalworking has been carried out. In this regard, drilling is considered one of the most responsible mechanical processes: if the master injures at least one hole, then the entire part is considered defective.

To avoid this, we:

  • allow the most qualified specialists to carry out such technological operations;
  • use the best machines of the drilling group;
  • we regularly update material processing methods and our tools, which allow us to achieve the most accurate results.

Kremenchug plant of road machines works with almost all materials, such as copper, steel, brass, titanium, etc.

We offer a full range of services:

  • pre-drilling, which is suitable for workpieces with low level of tolerance and diameter accuracy;
  • final drilling: counterboring and deployment, which is important in the manufacture of products where the most accurate tolerances are required;
  • drilling out according to the specified parameters.

Metal drilling costs are available for each customer of our company. For the accurate calculation of the cost separately and in combination with other production methods, we need additional information: drawings, indication of size requirements, material hardness, etc., which you can send to the company’s mail.

Depending on your tasks, our specialist will select the appropriate drilling technique and equipment suitable for performing these tasks. After that, we will send you a detailed report with the terms and price of the order. We guarantee high accuracy, accuracy and quality of performance of each product.


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