PrJSC "Kredmash" offers a bitumen modifying unit as part of horizontal bitumen tank with a capacity of 48 cubic meters, equipped with 4 paddle mixers and an auger for dosing and feeding of solid and powdery additives into the tank.

Technical characteristics of the bitumen modifying unit

 KDM2087 88.00.000 Tank is 48 m3

Technical characteristics:

  • dimensions 13460x2400x2590 mm;
  • weight 9520 kg;
  • tank volume is 48 m3;
  • thermal insulation thickness is 80 mm;
  • coil area 55 m2;
  • delivery set includes: temperature sensor, upper and lower level sensors, ladders, railings, bitumen crane.

For the preparation of modified bitumen, the tank can be supplemented with equipment for the modification of KDM2087 88.01.000.

The scope of delivery includes:

  • paddle mixer with 7.5 kW drive - 4 pcs.;
  • service platforms and railings - 2 sets;
  • auger for dosing and feeding of polymer additives - 1 pcs.;
  • electrical equipment (control cabinet, cable products).

The price of the Bitumen Modification Unit is available upon request.

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Additional Information

The paddle mixer is designed for installation in bitumen tanks for the preparation of modified bitumen using solid dispersed, powdery and liquid additives, as well as for bitumen plasticization with lighter oil products and the injection of activators. 

The mixer has a screw to ensure the vortex movements of the bitumen in the tank, which ensures intensive mixing of all liquid in the tank. The rotation of the propeller is transmitted via V-belt transmission from 7.5 kW engine. The mixer with spiral screw is installed in the additive dosing area for more intensive mixing of the additives in the bitumen.

Depending on the geometric dimensions and tank volume, it must be installed on it from two or more paddle mixers (to be agreed upon at the time of order). The installation of these mixers can be carried out both on new tanks and on tanks that are already in the customer's possession.

For dosing and feeding of solid and powdery additives into the tank, a set of mixers can be additionally equipped with an auger, a feed hopper, a ladder and a platform for servicing of the feed hopper.

The paddle mixers and auger are controlled from a separate control cabinet.

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