It is designed for preliminary dosing of raw materials (crushed stone, sand) in accordance with given recipe and feeding them to the inclined conveyor belt. The power unit consists of units with installed belt feeders and conveyor.

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Additional Information

Initial inert materials (crushed stone and sand) are fed into the bunker through a grid with a vibrator, which prevents the ingress of oversize. Vibrators installed on the grates and on the side walls of the bins exclude the hanging of materials. The conveyor is equipped with safety system elements. Hoppers can be supplied in volume 8 m3, 12 m3 or 16 m3. The loading width is 3.5 meters.

When the recipe is changed, the transition to a new type of asphalt is carried out without stopping the operation of the automated control system. The use of frequency converters allows you to remotely change the performance of belt feeders from the operator's cab. In this case, the adjustment of the capacity of the belt feeders is carried out automatically.

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