It is designed for sorting and dosing of heated sand and gravel, dosing of bitumen, mineral powder and dust, preparation of asphalt-concrete mixture and unloading it directly into vehicles or skip of finished mixture unit.

The unit is a tower consisting of blocks arranged in accordance with technological process of mixture preparing:

  • Screen block 
  • Upper block, which includes a bin of hot graded stone materials and a bin with compartments for mineral powder and dust
  • Medium block with weighing batchers on strain gauges 
  • Bin of excess and oversized

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Additional Information

Alarms of the upper and lower level of stone materials, mineral powder and dust are installed in the hot bin. In the compartments of stone materials, as well as before the bitumen batching are installed temperature control sensors. There is the possibility of work, passing the screen through the channel "by-pass".

Weigh batcher of stone materials, mineral powder, dust and bitumen on strain gauges are used in the construction. Infrared pyrometric temperature sensor is installed at the point of asphalt unloading from mixer.

Implementation of CAMOZZI pneumatics has significantly increased the reliability of the unit.

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