Screen has such design features:

  • works at a temperature of stone materials up to 250 °C;
  • tension screens are installed on all layers and it is foreseen a quick and enough easy way of their replace;
  • the source of exciting force of the device are special electrical vibrators;
  • this unit on the asphalt mixing plant is located in a rigid box with bolted up connection of the components.

More detailed information about the product and its characteristics, as well as all the features of its use is possible at the specialists of the plant.



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 Screen type:   inertial, self-balancin
 Capacity, t/h *  64 
 Electrical vibrator power, kW  2x1.96
 Number of fractions, including oversize, pieces  5 
 Borders of separation, mm **  0-5; 5-10; 10-20; 20-40;> 40 (oversize)
 Box tilt angle, degree  12
 Total area of the screen, m2  7.1
 Sieve area 5x5, m2   1.9
 Overall dimensions, LхBхH, mm  4275х1805х1825
 Weight, kg   2660


* The screen productivity corresponds to the specified screening.

** Other separation limits are possible by agreement.

Additional Information

Scree block of DS 1857 48.50.000 is a new unit of the asphalt mixing plant of PrJSC Kredmash

This year was very productive for the company: it was manufactured new and partly modernized equipment of the current model line.

In particular, one of the latest developments of PrJSC Kredmash was the inertial self-balanced screen unit for AMP DS 1857 48.50.000.

It is used for screening of the future mixture components, i.e. separation of bulk materials, depending on the size of the entering in it particles.

The product has a capacity of 64 ton per hour and consists of 5 fractions. The total area of the screens in which the separation of the components takes place is 7.1 m².

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