Scree block of KDM2107 5900000 is intended to sort stone materials, including gravel, crushed stone, etc.

This screen unit is used in asphalt mixing plant KDM 2057, with a capacity of 200 ton/hour.

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Additional Information

The screen unit includes:

  • six-fraction screening system;
  • V-type springs position, which twice reduces transmitted to the base of the mixing tower vibration in comparison with the previously used screen design;
  • sieves with the highest possible usable area for equipment of this type, which positively affects the performance of equipment;
  • rolling truck, wide-opening doors, good access to the screens and their easy replacement, which reduces the time required for maintenance of the screen;
  • the drive of two Italian electrical vibrators, which ensures a long service life, when use as intended;
  • rigid box with bolted connection parts.

Directional vibrations of the box screening parts provide high quality sieving of stone materials and high productivity.

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