It is intended for heating and drying of stone materials to the state providing preparation of the mixture. The dryer unit includes: drying drum, furnace unit, dust and gas cleaning system. The use of frequency converter in the control of drying drum makes it possible to carry out smooth start and to regulate the rotation speed, selecting optimum temperature range.

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Additional Information

Using of drying drum thermal insulation reduces heat loss, making unit work more effective. The drum liner can be made of polished stainless steel. The design of inner part provides efficient heating of materials and minimal fuel consumption.

It is foreseen the possibility to operate on materials with high humidity. At the customer’s request, the unit can be operated on natural gas or liquid fuel (black oil M100), full combustion is ensured by good heating of the fuel in the tank and in the high-speed heater, by using of powerful smoke exhauster, modern burner devices, control devices and automatic maintenance of temperature conditions and combustion chamber draft. At the same time, the reconfiguration from one type of fuel to another takes place in a short time.

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